Case Study: Howden USA

Howden, an innovative leader in the engineering consulting industry, has been around since 1857. Over the course of their 150 years in business, James Howden’s original designs for industrial fans, compressors, and other ventilation equipment have proven to be remarkably effective, and the subtle design enhancements made over the years have done nothing but improve on his original vision.

In this type of industry, equipment is used for many years, and it is important that the information for older designs is kept around so repairs and maintenance can be performed. That’s why Howden USA worked diligently to convert all of their old paper documents into microfilm, a medium which they believed would make it easy to preserve their designs and drawings. Unfortunately, if microfilm is not stored in the ideal environment it can deteriorate and begin to smell like vinegar, rendering all the images unreadable and costing Howden and their clients a lot of money.

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