Our solutions are only as good as the tools used to deliver them. That’s why we pride ourselves in providing you with the most cutting-edge technology solutions. InStream leverages relationships with industry-leading software and hardware solutions to save your organization time and resources. We offer a wide range of tools that have been carefully selected to bring you proven results.

InStream is a premium reseller for major scanning hardware brands in both the document and check imaging categories. Document scanning hardware lines include Canon, Fujitsu, and Kodak, while check imaging hardware products are supplied by Canon, Digital Check, and Panini. As a long-time partner with these trusted names in scanning hardware, InStream is able to provide the right hardware recommendations to equip and serve organizational needs at any level of scale or complexity.
To remain competitive in today’s market, businesses can improve efficiency by developing the next phases in their document and data structure. With dedicated programmers, technicians, and application experts for every piece of software offered, InStream can combine and customize each project for a client’s unique needs, providing the right level of support for businesses of all sizes.

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