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No matter what industry you’re in, InStream has workflow solutions that can improve your efficiency and streamline your business processes. When it comes to automation, if you have questions, we have answers.

Case Study: Avox

With a seemingly endless backlog of paper AP documents and thousands more coming in every week, Avox Systems (a US-based aerospace technology company), needed a workflow solution to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. That’s when they turned to InStream.

Case Study: Dollar General

Dollar General, a retail company with over 13,000 locations, desired to improve efficiency in processing a multitude of Proof of Delivery receipts vital to their supply chain. That’s when InStream introduced process automation.

Our Workflow Solutions

Financial Solutions

Ensure organization and security. Open new business channels and improve internal processes.

Secure From The Inside, Out

Government Solutions

Streamline the workflow process in your government office. Eliminate costs and overhead.

Connect and Improve

Healthcare Solutions

Remove process bottlenecks so you can provide the best healthcare services for your patients.

Focus On Your Patients

Cross-Industry Solutions

Your company has opportunities to grow through better business processes. From human resources automation to online document management, InStream’s solutions make a difference.

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Application & Database Services

Robotic Process Automation
Analyzing Data
Fax Management
Data Mining
Useful Management Reports
Securing Access
Software Development & Customization
Archiving Strategically

Kaizen (Consulting)

IT & Business Consulting
Project Management

IT Services

System Integration
Network Security Management
System Management

Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Service Provider
Utilizing Cloud Services

Transactional Services

Entering Data Affordably
Managed Services
Fulfillment Services
Virtual Lockbox Processing
Intuitive Mass Printing
Microfilm Services
Outsourced Call Centers
Versatile Fulfillment
Properly Maintaining Equipment
Software Renewals

Eliminating Ownership of Specialty Software

BPaaS – Business Processing as a Service

Document Technology

Electronic Forms (E-Forms)
Mobile Document Solutions
Document Conversion Services
Digitizing Microfilm
Large Format Scanning and Printing
Preserving History
Workflow Processing
Redacting Confidential Information
Electronic Content Management
Microfilm Vault Storage
Eliminating Stored Paper Documents

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