Micrographics Joins National Corporation, Instream, LLC

Gainesville, FL – March 19, 2018

Micrographics, Inc. is excited to announce that it has recently joined Nashville based company, InStream, LLC. As an Instream company, Micrographics is now part of an integrated network of facilities across North America.

Micrographics, Inc. was established in 1980 and has since converted billions of documents. As one of the most successful image and information management companies in the U.S., Micrographics has helped numerous organizations assess their records management and workflow environments to design, implement and support scalable and comprehensive solutions that meet their needs.

InStream, headquartered in Nashville, TN is an expert provider with years of experience providing clients with long-term benefits from solutions that grow with their company. With additional locations in Knoxville, Los Angeles, Denver, Buffalo and now Gainesville. InStream is able to develop solutions that allow clients to become more efficient, meet compliance regulations, and improve service levels. The specialized software automates business processes or by outsourcing key business functions.

“Our clients will continue to receive the high-quality services they have come to expect,” states Jim Craig, Managing Director of Micrographics, “and the staff our clients have come to know will remain the same but now have they will have the support of other top industry leaders.”

For Micrographics’ existing and new clients, Instream adds the following services:

  • Access to InStream’s automation of document-intensive, core business processes— through system development and integration or by Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
  • Deep healthcare payer and provider experience, including the automation of Medicare enrollment and processing prior authorizations via BPO
  • Profitability enhancement for those needing to deploy a mobile strategy, integration automation, and business process analytics

“We are excited about the new possibilities that InStream brings to our customers,” states Jenni Van Hart, President of Micrographics. “This partnership will allow current and potential clients to receive better products and services that best fit their organization. From imaging and capture services to all types of system integrations, with these solutions organizations can focus on their most important processes while increasing cost and time savings. Together, Micrographics and InStream are Making Work Flow.”

For more information, contact Jenni Van Hart at sales@micrographicsinc.com.