InStream provides specialized services for businesses of all sizes, as well as offerings for financial service companies, the healthcare industry, and government organizations. From outsourcing key processes, to sophisticated capture and electronic workflows to automate and manage… InStream services allow organizations to focus on core processes, while InStream personnel offer both results-focused expertise and a flexible labor force to increase efficiency and cost savings across the enterprise.

Capture Processing
Automating the capture of data takes a variety of forms, such as e-forms, full feature mobile solutions, and automated capture from structured and unstructured documents and correspondence. InStream works with many excellent capture solutions, and this knowledge is invaluable, because the specific requirements of a client will dictate the best capture product to use.
Workflow Processing
Moving digitized content through logical electronic workflows is a much more efficient and secure way to perform business tasks. These workflows bring efficiency to organizations with transparent work monitoring, compliance with agreed upon processes, balanced staff workloads, and better quality assurance.

Good electronic workflows begin with a clear understanding of the current manual processes and the business reasons for doing them. Once this is accomplished, the workflow software that best meets the business objectives is selected and implemented in collaboration with the client. Once the new workflows are successfully installed, paper processes are eliminated in lieu of better more efficient processes.

Document System Management
Most IT departments are chronically short handed. Trained InStream staff from administrative to senior level management can supplement your support staff for document technology infrastructure and processes. You gain the expertise and support of trained staff who are 100% focused on document technology and can offer best practice management and uninterrupted service if client turnover occurs.
System hosting
Electronic Document Technology can be hosted on the Cloud, at client offices, or at secure third party locations such as Amazon. Third-party hosting options are excellent choices to reduce the technology cost of ownership and are particularly helpful in managing systems that have been highly customized for clients. InStream can provide hosting support regardless of location.
System integration
As organizations increasingly rely on technology, it becomes simultaneously more difficult and more critical for data to be efficiently and accurately exchanged between the various systems that the organization uses. Data and document image integrations can range from simple imports and exports to full end-to-end integrations. Electronic document technology broadens the usefulness of a company’s specialized management software, and InStream has broad experience in improving the communications between these systems.
Technology Support Center
In any organization, both software and hardware users will inevitably have questions, ranging from how to use the features of the software, to what to do when the system stops working. Clients often choose to perform first call support for users, while partnering with InStream to provide customer support for more complex break/fix issues. Over time, though, more and more clients are using InStream to provide technology support for both first call and break/fix emergency services.
Disaster Recovery
Disasters can destroy vital records, causing a devastating impact on a business. Once documents are scanned, they can be backed up in secure facilities and quickly made available for use by companies who had paper records destroyed even if they must re-open in a different facility.
Managed Services
Organizations can outsource management of a wide range of document tech services to InStream personnel for time and cost savings.  Services can be managed either on- or off-site, and can include hardware, software, and workflows, as well as staffing and management of additional InStream or client personnel.
Data Entry
Most businesses still process paper. InStream provides onshore and offshore data entry services for clients at any scale. Data can be single keyed, keyed with database lookups, double keyed, or visually verified based on the accuracy needs of the client.
AP Automation
Your Ap Struggles

Any accountant will tell you that the AP Department is the paper capital of any office, inundated with a high-volume of documents including invoices, purchase orders and contracts. With so many documents, it can be a struggle to process them in a timely manner. You find that your invoice processing is often delayed, which has a devastating impact on the workflow of your organization. Your company needs an AP solution that will streamline your invoices, capture data, and archive important documents for later use.

Instream’s AP Solutions

InStream’s AP Automations solutions combine invoice automation processing with efficiency-based features, so your AP Department can achieve optimum productivity. Your AP Department will be equipped to process invoices in a fraction of the time it used to take with manual processes. Exporting invoice data will be a breeze, with data capture and scanning technology. InStream’s AP Automation also ensures accurate data extraction, eliminating the threat of costly errors. Most importantly? Your organization will save time and money.

HR Onboarding
Your HR Struggles

Your HR department is overwhelmed with a wide range of documents including resumes, time sheets and employee reviews. Your department houses a lot of sensitive documents, and you are held to strict compliance standards. You find that routine HR processes are a struggle for your department to complete, as time-consuming document searches are a common occurrence. You need a solution that will give you instant access to all your files, while maintaining document organization and security.

Instream’s HR Onboarding Solutions

InStream will work directly with your department to create a custom HR solution, that can be integrated with any existing HR software. The workflow efficiency of your department will be transformed, with instant access and retrieval of all active and archived HR files. You will be able to closely monitor department workflow, giving you greater control over your HR processes, while removing any bottlenecks. Reduce storage and processing expenses, while gaining time and revamped productivity.

Automated Data Entry
Your Data Entry Struggles

Manual data entry is a time-consuming and costly process. Depending on your company’s data volume, it can take office employees hours to enter and process data. When your employees have to manually enter data, your confidential company information is left vulnerable to entry errors and data breaches. These errors add up over time, leading to costly non-compliance fees. Your organization needs a data entry solution, that will ensure data accuracy, while increasing company productivity and workflow efficiency.

Instream’s Data Entry Solutions

InStream’s Automated Data Entry Solutions, streamlines and expedites the data entry process, allowing your company to instantly capture accurate data with electronic data capture. Once captured and extracted, accurate data will be seamlessly routed to your document management software, instantly ready for use. When stored in your company’s document management software, your data can be used for reporting and analysis, allowing your company to make smarter business decisions. Automated Data Entry will allow your organization to save time and money. Without manual data entry, your organization can cut labor costs – saving time and shortening business cycle times. InStream will also customize various classification measures, so that your files can be instantly identified and retrieved.

Cloud Hosted Services
Your Paper Document Struggles

Your organization spends a lot of time and money storing paper documents on-site. Over the years, so many of your documents have become stained, faded, torn and damaged, making them difficult to read and use. Frantic file cabinet searches are a common occurrence in your office, as you and your employees have little control over your unclassified documents. Your organization needs a document storage solution that is cost-effective, so you don’t have to store paper documents on-site or pay for expensive servers.

Instream’s Cloud Hosted Services Solutions

The Cloud is a revolutionary 21st century workflow solution that has transformed office efficiency. With the Cloud, all your documents will be digitally stored, so you only have to pay for the amount of document storage that you need. InStream’s Cloud Hosted Services will allow you to implement custom security measures, so that your company can maintain constant document security. The Cloud can be instantly deployed, so you no longer have to wait for files and documents to be stored. The most important Cloud feature? Instant document access and retrieval from any authorized digital device. You and your employees will enjoy constant access to documents – anytime, anywhere.

Document Conversion
Your Document Management Struggles

Paper documents are having a disastrous impact on company workflow. Your employees spend too much time sifting through file cabinets and paper piles. This is resulting in longer work cycle times, and document routing delays. Also, the quality of your documents is sub-standard, especially among your older documents. You are required by compliance standards to retain documents for a set amount of time, but these documents have become worn and damaged throughout the years. Your organization needs a document management solution that preserves documents, makes them accessible, and reduces the need for on-site storage.

Instream’s Document Conversion Solutions

Document Conversion is the workflow solution that your document-filled office needs. InStream has years of experience digitally converting a wide variety of different documents ranging from applications to invoices. We will digitally convert all your paper documents, ensuring that they are stored in a single, central, digital location. You and your employees will gain greater control over your documents, as they will be instantly accessible and retrievable. Say goodbye to file cabinets!

Outsourced Mail Rooms
Staffing high-volume mailrooms can be a costly investment for organizations.  InStream’s outsourced mailroom services can reduce these costs by deploying flexible staffing to expedite conversion of incoming mail into electronic images.  This mail processing can include core business form’s that InStream personnel can complete with data entry, as well as data from client databases.  These images can then be routed via electronic workflows to designated recipients, and electronic workflows monitor mail turnaround times, backlogs, user productivity and much more. Once the mail is delivered and processed, it is stored in a secure electronic document management (ECM system) so it can be retrieved for subsequent use, or sent to others when needed.
Outsourced Business Processes
Global competitiveness and a challenging economic climate are driving businesses to explore business process outsourcing to elevate performance and focus more on core competencies. Modern technology provides an excellent framework for companies to outsource part or all of a business task to specialists in providing those services.

Labor intensive and seasonal tasks are great candidates for outsourcing. Outsourcing of core processes such as new customer onboarding, order processing and fulfillment are also great candidates. InStream can build administrative workflows that help you automate part or all of these processes, or by having all or part of the steps in these processes to flow through the secure InStream facilities. InStream outsources healthcare and businesses tasks for a variety of discerning organizations.

Virtual Lockbox Solutions
Processing incoming checks is a labor intensive process, requiring internal controls to protect payments. InStream’s Virtual Lockbox services allow organizations to securely outsource incoming check processing, including posting payment information into client accounting systems. InStream’s expertise in using specialized banking lockbox software for these processes makes this a particularly valuable service for organizations with high-volume, short-turnaround payments processing requirements. InStream’s flexible staffing can accommodate seasonal volume spikes in payment cycles as well, relieving the need to hire part-time or temporary staff.

Once InStream processes and posts incoming payments, all check and remittance advices are stored in a secure online document repository for ongoing client viewing. The system can be further utilized by routing incoming documents to specified departments if additional processing is needed.

Survey Processing
Seasonal or annual paper surveys and information forms can be burdensome on organizations with limited staff and budgets, especially for short-term spikes in work volume. InStream’s outsourced survey processing services can meet the needs of these work demands with scalable trained staff to process form results and capture the resulting information cost-effectively. InStream helps clients design and process mailed surveys and can build labor saving e-form survey tools for customers to submit responses, as well as process traditional paper forms.
Document Scanner Maintenance
Scanner equipment is expensive and properly maintaining it can extend its useful life and improve its performance. InStream provides affordably priced professional onsite maintenance for all major brands of enterprise level document scanners. The programs can be customized for you specific needs.
Remote Deposit Capture Scanner Fulfillment and Maintenance
For banks and financial institutions, our check scanner services take the hassles and headaches out of fulfilling and maintaining the client and branch equipment. Banks and their customers can place scanner and maintenance orders through our online client portal. We will ship each scanner, guide your clients through setup, resolve problems, and arrange for maintenance when needed.
Call Centers
Call center support for businesses is a critical function requiring specialized equipment and expertise, and peak support needs often overlaying times when other areas of the business are also spikes. InStream management has significant experience with phone support, order processing, and any correlated fulfillment. Resorts, retailers, manufacturers, technical companies, etc. all have the need for these services. From simple order processing, to complex technical support services, InStream has the strong basis in technology and fulfillment to be uniquely qualified in providing these services.
System Implementation
To meet the additional time and staffing demands of new system implementations, InStream’s highly trained technical staff can cost-effectively customize new system installations.  This combination of good business analysts with trained tech staff facilitates the in-depth study of client needs that is necessary for successful implementations. As a result, InStream is positioned to deliver systems that work the way clients intend.
Data Integration
Emerging document technology takes a broad and holistic view of the value of company data, such as scanned documents, emails, database data, and customer buying history. This data becomes even more valuable when supplemented with relevant third party online information and other external sources. The quantity of data is not the challenge for business today. Condensing the data logically into intelligent groupings to aid in decision making is the goal of this new group of products.
Electronic Media Storage
Your Storage Struggles

If your office is still storing documents on-site, then your documents are prone to loss, theft and damage. If your office has a high-volume of paper documents on-site, then your office is probably overflowing with paper, putting your documents at an even greater risk. Your office needs a storage solution that will relieve you of the burden of on-site document storage. You also need storage that has the right temperature and security measures in place.

Instream’s Storage Vault Solutions

Eliminate risk and let InStream store your documents! InStream’s vaults feature top-of-the-line security measures and storage specifications, ensuring that your documents are safe from damage and theft. Our storage vaults are climate controlled, stabilizing both temperature and humidity, so that your documents are stored in the best environment possible. Our vaults also feature:

  • Electronic monitor system with alarm notification to sound when outside of controlled limits
  • Fire, smoke alarm and suppression systems
  • 10″ steel reinforced concrete structure with reinforced concrete floor and ceiling
Electronic Document Management Systems
Your Document Management Struggles

Manual document management is holding your company back. It takes forever for documents to be retrieved and routed, slowing down business workflow cycles. Your company has too many paper documents – that require too much time, money and resources to process. Your office needs a 21st century workflow solution that will streamline your document management process, making your documents more accessible to you and your employees.

Instream’s Electronic Document Management Solutions

Electronic Document Management Systems will streamline and revamp your workflow processes. All your documents will be stored in a singular, central, digital location. An EDMS gives you, and any authorized employees the ability to securely access documents at any time from any designated digital device. Shared and instant document access, will foster increased employee collaboration and company innovation. No more running back and forth to the file cabinets, or asking an assistant to track down a file. Your organization will gain maximum time and cost savings.

Electronic Forms
Your Paper-Based Processing Struggles

Inefficient, outdated paper-based processes are detrimental to your organization’s productivity. Manual data entry is an exhaustive process, taking up your employee’s time and company resources. You find that your documents take forever to be routed and processed, which slows down cycle times, while causing workflow bottlenecks. You find that your paper documents can easily become lost, stolen or damaged. Your organization needs a workflow solution that will streamline processes, and revamp efficiency.

Instream’s eForm Solutions

Eliminate your workflow bottlenecks with InStream’s eForm solutions. InStream will take all your old, paper files and digitally convert them to digital “eForm” files. Following conversion, these digital files will be stored in a secure, digital location, that can be accessed by any designated user. eForms will reduce waiting times to seconds, as you and your employees will be able to instantly access and route documents. You will no longer waste time and resources, and your employee’s time can be redirected to more important projects and tasks. A key feature of eForms is electronic data capture, which eliminates the errors and mistakes that occur with manual data entry. You will have a clear, digital copy of your documents, so that you will no longer struggle to process those old, hard-to-read documents. eForms will also allow you to better maintain data accuracy and regulatory compliance.

Your Microfilm Struggles

Your company has boxes of old microfilm collecting dust in storage, but you want a solution that will allow you to view and access these documents more easily. Do your electronic/digital documents and data comply with government regulations for record retention? Do you have a disaster recovery program in place for your electronic records? To achieve compliance, you need a solution that will increase the life-span of your documents, ensuring their preservation and longevity for decades to come. Your organization needs a microfilm solution that will preserve your documents, while increasing accessibility, readability and overall quality.

Instream’s Microfilm Solutions

InStream has years of experience, making digital images of microfilm, and vice-versa. With state of the art film scanners, InStream can scan any standard microfilm format and create digital images to be uploaded into an existing electronic document management system or directly onto CD’s for viewing over your network or the Internet. InStream will convert your digital images to microfilm so they can easily be stored for disaster recovery or government compliance. Microfilm is one of the oldest, and most reliable forms of document conversion. When paired with modern digital technology, Microfilm becomes an efficient 21st century document management solution.

Mobile Document Management
Your Mobile Document Management Struggles

Your office is still burdened with large amount of paper documents, making collaboration among employees a struggle. When access to company documents are limited to file cabinets and piles of paper, it is very difficult for your employees to be on the same page. You need a document management solution that will provide you with instant access to documents, that can be viewed from any authorized digital device.

Instream’s Mobile Document Management Solutions

The benefits of Mobile Document Management are enormous. You will empower your staff with mobile access to data, while achieving quicker turnaround times against customer requests. On average, most clients find that turnaround times after implementation are up to three times faster. Customer satisfaction will also increase, as employees will be equipped with the ability to provide instant responses and reports immediately. You will no longer have to tell customers “when I get back to the office” as files can be accessed from any authorized computer, tablet or smartphone. Another key benefit of mobile document management is data capturing. Capturing on-the-go saves time, cuts costs, and will improve processes to offer real competitive advantage. InStream’s Mobile Document Management will allow your company revamp workflow processes with the touch of a button. Speed up workflow, increase innovation and start growing your business!

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