To remain competitive in today’s market, businesses can improve efficiency by developing the next phases in their document and data structure. With dedicated programmers, technicians, and application experts for every piece of software offered, InStream can combine and customize each project for a client’s unique needs, providing the right level of support for businesses of all sizes.

More Purposeful Document Management

The scan-and-store processes which marked the beginnings of document technology improved space utilization and provided some efficiency gains, but manual data entry was still required to make the most of ECM solutions then. These scan-and-store solutions were, to some degree, the endpoint of limitations in the technology of the day.

Today, most businesses have already begun the transition to a paperless office environment. To remain competitive in this market, businesses can benefit the most by developing the next phases in their document and data infrastructure. In this new world, for instance, Capture options have increased significantly as organizations are now able to use eform and mobile capture solutions for a truly paperless process. These processes and corresponding document technology offerings typically fall into four connected or overlapping categories—Capture, Workflows, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Data Integrations.


How Does It Work?

Step 1: Capture
First, Capture software reads the data in the scanned images of an organization’s documents and extracts usable and actionable data from those images. Good capture solutions allow the clients to process thousands of incoming forms arriving at a company quickly and efficiently. Whether those forms are invoices, claims, or enrollment applications, Capture products can realize significant time and cost savings for the companies that implement them. Through a combination of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and programming about what is to be captured—whether through keywords like “invoice” or “account number,” InStream carries best-in-class capture software to help businesses gather both structured data, as from forms with set locations for information, and from unstructured images and forms, where keyword recognition is needed to find the right data to extract.
Step 2: Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
These document images, along with the related data gathered throughout this process, then move to an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, eliminating the need to store, locate, or work from paper documents. ECMs are the workhorses of document management and workflow systems, and InStream focuses on the ECM software products that deliver the highest value and greatest cost and time benefits for clients.
Step 3: Streamlining Workflows
Once an organization’s form data resides in an ECM, it allows all of the collected data to be connected and available for future workflows, which are used to complete the processing of these forms in logical manageable steps. Often offered as add-on modules to ECMs, these workflow products allow an organization to manage the sequenced steps, approvals, and other triggered actions which need to be taken next, as well as deliver data to the organization’s ERP systems. Workflows can also automate routines for additional business processes that need to access indexed form data, including compliance and data validation tasks.
Step 4: Information Integration
With all of the organization’s internal data collected, indexed, and accessible, new tools in data aggregation connect that data with external information sources. These data integrations with external web portals, market research, and competitor trends give businesses new insights into how to improve performance and gain advantages in the marketplace. InStream offers software that integrates with ECM products, linking a wide range of both structured and unstructured data formats and portals to a company’s internal information. With insights in predictive analytics and sentiment analysis that were unachievable before the age of Big Data, businesses are now able to get to critical business decision-making and resulting improvements faster and more efficiently than ever.

Within these core areas of document technology, there are a number of specialized options, from mobile data and eforms capture to electronic workflow modules. While most businesses will benefit some from a software addition in one of the major three areas, it’s finding the right combination and implementation of all three software categories and any specialized needs that yields the greatest gains to efficiency and ROI for the business. This is where InStream’s expertise helps the most. With dedicated programmers, technicians, and application experts for every piece of software offered, InStream can combine and customize each project for a client’s unique needs, providing the right level of support for businesses of all sizes.


InStream provides leading capture products to extract more data, more accurately, with greater efficiency. Whether incoming forms contain structured data with set fields and content lengths, or unstructured data, where the capture product’s algorithms and keyword search capabilities are critical, or something in between, the capture process extracts, indexes, and validates data to make it ready for use. InStream spends the time to understand both the data to be captured and the business decisions that data can produce, so it can match the right technology to a business’s needs. InStream’s expertise in eform creation further maximizes the value found in modern ECM systems.

HP Teleform

Recommended for structured form and structured capture environments.


Recommended for structured and semi-structured capture environments, an intuitive system of engagement that captures data in almost any form.


Recommended for high-complexity, unstructured forms and documents; a true thin client, cloud-based platform with intelligent document recognition.


Recommended for data capture from a broad range of documents, from structured to unstructured.

Mi-Corporation’s Mi-Forms Mobile Data Capture

Recommended for tablet/mobile phone eform and paperless data capture.

PSIcapture by Psigen

Recommended for organizations with multiple ECM systems and routes or seeking advanced automated classification capabilities in capture workflows.

Digital Reel

Recommended for organizations with high-volume conversion of microfilm and microfiche or storage needs for accurate digital versions of microfilm and microfiche records.

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) by Real Vision Inc.

Recommended for organizations that need a document imaging solution that integrates with the IBM i-server.


Recommended for organizations looking to enhance processes through electronic forms and paperless procedures.

Document Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) software and implementation services are the systems of record for managing paper and electronic documents. Features of high-quality ECMs include easy find and retrieval, secure and remote access, version control, change tracking, reporting, and workflow. Proven ECM and document management software vendors like Upland and EMC—combined with InStream’s document technology expertise—become the core for creating cost, productivity, and efficiency improvements.

InStream offers a wide range of document management solutions that not only save time, but increase efficiency within your organization through workflow automation. In today’s business world, companies are looking to get more done without adding staff, using workflow management to find hidden bottlenecks that could be trapping profits and productivity. Whether an organization needs contract management software or advanced workflow automation solutions, InStream will take the time to match the right solutions and support for improving business results.

Filebound by Upland

Recommended as a feature-rich ECM system for medium-sized businesses.

Application Xtender by EMC

Recommended for a fast and reliable ECM, with many add-on modules available for mid-sized to large enterprises.


Recommended for cloud-based or off-site ECM systems housing highly sensitive data and requiring additional layers of security to meet government and industry compliance standards.


Recommended for secure hybrid file sync and collaboration setups across the enterprise, as well as hybrid domestic and European cloud storage.


While document management lies at the core of streamlining and automating processes, it’s workflow software that ensures maximum efficiency, cost-cutting, and competitive advantages. Workflow modules automate the collaboration and assignment of tasks to accelerate the completion of critical business decisions. This equates to increased operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and organizational scalability.

Clients benefit from workflow modules across a broad range of business processes, including HR and financial processing.  In addition, InStream can create industry-specialized workflows to enforce company guidelines and ensure compliance standards are met, such as in health care preauthorization and enrollment processes. In each of these applications, routing rules are configured which include the route each document takes upon entering the workflow. At each step in the workflow, decisions are made which determine the next step in the process, and users are assigned tasks that need to be completed and are notified of the task via email and with an entry in their task lists. Users can also create notes that travel with the documents throughout processing. Workflow software can be vendor specific, or it can be created to work universally with a range of ECM products from different vendors. Whether documents enter a workflow via scanning, import, or the creation of electronic forms, InStream workflow recommendations equip businesses to control operational costs, create employee accountability, and increase an organization’s ability to scale.

FileBound Workflow Automation

Recommended for an intuitive and visual workflow automation tool with best-in-class features, specifically as part of FileBound systems.

HP LiquidOffice

Recommended for a full-featured processing and business process automation package, best for medium to large businesses and adaptable to work universally with any ECM.

ECM Toolbox

Recommended for businesses that want to extend the functionality of ApplicationXtender (AX) and Digitech PaperVision or ImageSilo ECM systems.

Information Integration

Along with tools for automating capture and workflow duties of an organization, the newest tools are designed to integrate external data in new ways. InStream offers data integration software products like Kapow by Kofax, which connect applications and external data sources like websites and portals to a business’s internal data.

Kapow by Kofax

Recommended for information integration between external and internal data sources for improved business intelligence decision-making.

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