5 Reasons to Go With the ScanPro i9300

If you’ve been looking to convert blipped or image-marked film to the digital world, the best way would be with the help of the new ScanPro i9300.  This powerful scanning unit has been backed by factory trained and certified dealers for being ranked as the number one blip film scanner in the market.  Most other blip film scanners are old, parts are hard to find and the unit is hard to repair.  The scan is low quality but with the ScanPro i9300, you never have to worry about any of those things. From the 26 megapixel camera to the amazing new features like FOCUS-Lock, SPOT-Edit, and AUTO-Adjust, it’s assured that your blip film will be converted as crystal clear and in the best condition possible.


The new ScanPro i9300 is known for its incredible abilities in scanning image-marked or blipped film, but it’s also rated one of the top scanning units for other types of film as well.  Whether your film collection has Kodak, Canon, Minolta, 3M or even custom-formatted film- you don’t have to worry.  The ScanPro i9300 is capable of reading and scanning them all with incredibly high and accurate resolution.


The new ScanPro unit is ranked #1 in the market for being accurate and precise in image searching technology.  Thanks to features like FOCUS-Lock, SPOT-Edit, and AUTO-Adjust, it can recognize any file you have with incomparable accuracy. FOCUS-Lock is a feature that makes sure your film is locked into place and doesn’t move during the scanning process.  The SPOT-Edit feature allows the user to edit the film’s graphics of text as it’s being scanned so that you don’t have to go back and make changes afterward.  AUTO-Adjust recognizes the film being scanned and straightened, crops, and aligns the image/text as well as editing the brightness/contrast to assure that the file you are scanning is as clear as possible.


The ScanPro i9300 unit was designed by e-Image Data, the leading microfilm scanning company in the world, and they know how important it is to design and build their machines so they will last a long time.  The i9300’s precision is backed by unique precision-guide film rollers that are tightly locked into place and control the microfilms movement.  All ScanPro units have been used by factory-trained and certified dealers who all have raved about the performance and reliability of e-Image Data’s machines.  As well as the i9300 being durable, it’s also certified LibraryQuiet™ so that it won’t be a distraction in the office, and also very compact, fitting into almost any workplace.

HD Scanning

One of the main reasons the ScanPro i9300, as well as other ScanPro units, is ranked so well among competitors is because of the imbedded high-definition technology.  The i9300 uses a 26 megapixel camera, while the next best microfilm scanning unit in the market is only half of that.  Below are scanned microfilm images on the ScanPro i9300 versus the average image-marked/blip film scanning unit.


This powerful unit uses Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) software called PowerScan Productivity Suite (PPS) which is windows based and has a familiar setup that makes it easy for new users.  One of the reasons it’s so easy to use is because of how fast the program is.  This OCR software is leading the marketplace and is recognized as the fastest word searchable OCR software in the industry since 2011.  To go a step further, e-Image Data has since added proprietary high speed processing algorithms, referred to as SNAP (Smart Navigation Active Processing) which provide users with results in as little as one second.

If you are interested in learning more about the ScanPro i9300, please attend our webinar on Thursday, April 20th at 1pm. You can register here to save your seat!

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