IT & Business Consulting

IT & Business Consulting

Improving your business doesn’t happen by accident. Between procedural operations and IT infrastructure, there are multiple moving parts associated with any measurable business outcome. Our IT and Business consulting services rely on a truly custom, collaborative approach that takes a holistic view of your entire business in order to pinpoint the processes, programs, and equipment that need to be improved.

Not only is every client different, but so is every situation. We never make assumptions or try to force a solution into place because “it worked before.” Instead, we work closely with our clients to offer insight and advice that helps solve their challenges as directly and powerfully as possible.

Project Management

Projects of every size and scope require careful attention to detail to ensure successful completion. The more complex the project, the greater the need for a variety of resources to achieve positive outcomes.

Our Project Management philosophy is anchored by a belief in the power of communication. It is your business and your objectives, but it is our job to understand the importance of those objectives and tailor a plan designed to achieve them as directly as possible.

From initial project conception and planning through completion, we act as an invested stakeholder ensuring that every facet of the work we’re performing for your organization is done with the highest levels of professionalism.


Virtually every solution offered by InStream is designed to improve or automate your IT and Business workflow processes so that you can focus more time on strategic initiatives. But if those solutions aren’t carefully crafted to ensure they remain compliant with all industry-specific regulations, then they aren’t really solutions at all.

That’s why we spend time consulting with every prospective client to fully understand the scope of their challenges and objectives before utilizing our broad experience to help pinpoint various potential compliance issues that will require special attention over the course of any given project.

Whether it’s ensuring HIPAA compliance in healthcare applications or managing the flow of mandatory HR documents and personal information in a general business setting or navigating the intricacies of legislation like the Taft-Hartley or Sarbanes-Oxley Acts, we take great care to remain cognizant of all compliance issues as we help you solve your business challenges.

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