Efficiently Processing Customer/Patient Payments

Embrace the full scope and benefits of the virtual mailroom with additional layers of protection for the secure processing of payments.

While creating a bank agnostic relationship that affords your practice financial flexibility and freedom, a virtual lockbox system provides immediate, secure viewing of your remittance transactions and posting files to keep your accounting systems empowered with the most up-to-date information. All incoming checks and remittance advices are scanned, processed, and routed using electronic workflows to substantially lower processing costs, reduce cycle times, and increase efficiency for organizations receiving large numbers of payments with short turnaround time requirements.

Our securely automated lockbox processing services provide a true value-add for healthcare providers who need to process both patient checks and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) payments. Creating an environment that allows for the efficient, secure processing of both payment types (while simultaneously utilizing workflows to instantly communicate that processing to accounting and LOB systems) allows your healthcare organization to streamline the payment process and focus on other elements of the practice. 

How it Works – The Modules

IT & Business Consulting
Project Management
Document Conversion Services
Robotic Process Automation
Data Capture
Management Reports
BPaas - Business Processing as a Service
Eliminating Ownership of Specialty Software
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