Improve HR Onboarding

Manage the constant flow of HR documents into and out of your organization by converting your paper into digital files, utilizing electronic forms, and unleashing the data into electronic workflows to create an HR department that will be more in control of your critical information than ever.

Automatically route documents like annual reviews, promotions, status changes, and more to the appropriate approvers and create an easily searchable, centralized database for easy retrieval of these forms while simultaneously ensuring that all necessary information is accounted for.

How it Works – The Modules

IT & Business Consulting
Project Management
Electronic Forms (E-Forms)
Mobile Document Solutions
Document Conversion Services
Data Capture
Managed Services
Management Reports
Workflow Processing
Redacting Confidential Information
Intuitive Printing
BPaas - Business Processing as a Service
Electronic Content Management
Securing Access
System Integration
Managed Cloud Service Provider
SaaS-Hosted Software
Versatile Fulfillment
Network Security Management