Affordably Outsource Operations

Increase your organizational bandwidth by leveraging an experienced, professional team of outsourced labor that’s flexible enough to handle a wide range of projects.

As a provider of outsourcing services (which can be implemented in virtually every solution we offer), InStream’s teams are comprised of subject matter specialists who can be tapped to help complete time-sensitive projects, handle seasonal overflow, maintain productivity levels during hiring freezes, or simply add to your internal workflow capacity.

Outsourcing work to InStream ensures that your critical team projects aren’t competing for the same limited IT and staff requirements and allow your organization to reduce operational complexity and focus on the core competencies that truly set you apart from your competitors.

How It Works – The Modules

IT & Business Consulting
Project Management
Robotic Process Automation
Data Mining & Analytics
Digitizing Microfilm
Data Capture
Data Mining
Redacting Confidential Information
Intuitive Printing
BPaas - Business Processing as a Service
Microfilm Services
Eliminating Ownership of Specialty Software
Outsourced Call Centers
Managed Cloud Service Provider
SaaS-Hosted Software
Network Security Management

Which Tasks Can We Take On For You?