Document Technology

Electronic Content Management

Transform the way your organization gets things done by eliminating your dependence on paper processes and creating a collaborative distributed access environment with Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

After the conversion of paper documents into digital files, an ECM system (either on-premise or cloud-based) is used to store those files and make all that newly digitized data greatly more accessible. With simple searches powered by multiple indexes, the entirety of your workforce (regardless of their physical location) can easily retrieve any document in a matter of seconds – a marked improvement over sifting through overstuffed filing cabinets or expensive, inconvenient off-site box storage depots.

An ECM system also provides enhanced security, utilizing automated rules to limit viewing of sensitive documents only to those with the proper permissions and passwords. And in cases of natural disaster, an ECM protects all of your important documents, providing business continuity that will help normalize operations as quickly as possible.

Workflow Processing

When work flows seamlessly from one stakeholder to the next, the productivity and efficiency of your organization improves dramatically.

By building powerful electronic workflows that create a defined path for your business processes, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits that will ultimately add to your bottom line. The core of our workflow processing methodology is creating systems that:

  • Identify the Scope of Work If you don’t understand what needs to get done, it’s impossible to build the most streamlined system to achieve success.
  • Route and Execute the Work – Once the scope is determined, a successful workflow breaks any objective into its individual components and then utilizes business rules to automate the flow of information to the appropriate stakeholder at any stage and eliminate any subjectivity that may cause errors or inaccurate processing.
  • Track the Work – Understanding where the work is at any point helps identify bottlenecks, ensures timely completion of necessary tasks, creates enhanced organizational visibility, and allows your organization to effectively manage any project.
  • Report on Progress and Results – The completion of a task (or series of tasks) is valuable, but that value is only magnified when your business is able to gain critical reporting insight on the process of which that task was a part of.


Electronic forms provide the earliest possible opportunity for you to digitize your data – a true difference maker in any data capture project. By eliminating paper data entry at the source, you’ll leverage the best possible information that can be immediately unleashed into your workflow processes.

With a high degree of flexibility designed to ensure that you’re able to effortlessly collect the exact information you need, E-Forms are an easy-to-implement, cost-efficient solution that provides unbeatable ROI for your data capture needs.

Mobile Document Solutions

Gathering real data in real-time is a critical driver of future workflow success. By equipping your remote workforce with Mobile Document Solutions, you are providing the most accurate, most actionable data possible for your entire organization.

Effectively expand your office environment to the entire world. Wherever your employees are, empower them with technology that helps them complete the front end of a task and sync that information back to the rest of the organization for immediate action.

Redacting Confidential Information

Protecting personal, identifiable information is an essential service in document management, particularly for public-facing websites.

Dynamically programmable software combines with your ECM to help automate the redaction of sensitive information to ensure compliance and avoid potential data breaches. Rules are established that evaluate different formats and fields to determine if the entered data needs to be encrypted or redacted (i.e. Social Security Number, etc.). Ultimately, given the importance of protecting this information, InStream also utilizes a manual labor force to check and ensure that no personally identifiable data ends up in a spot where it shouldn’t, at the same time maintains organized files of the original documents while routing the redacted versions appropriately down a workflow.

Management Reports

Gain meaningful, actionable insight into your business processes with customized reporting around the specific performance metrics that are important to the success of your organization.

By combining reporting data from your disparate software tools, you can quickly understand the granular performance of your company in ways that are both macro and micro in nature. From company wide productivity to the workflow efficiency of a single employee, these reports will unlock levels of invaluable information that ensure every decision you make is informed and supported by real-time data.

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