Outsourced Services

Automated Business Outsourcing

Take back your resources and flexibility with InStream’s automated business outsourcing services, which combine the scalable power of cloud hosted services including custom Robotic Process Automation (RPA), built to the needs of your organization. InStream’s automated business outsourcing helps companies develop better methods for managing and completing tasks without consuming internal resources.   

Take advantage of InStream’s automated business outsourcing and avoid the large capital outlays associated with deploying proprietary business applications. Instead, pay on a usage basis (either transactionally or on a subscription model). When InStream handles tasks for you, you don’t have to worry about software, licenses, or other costs; just pay for the service you receive – not the tools involved in delivering it! Our model transforms your largest capital expenses into standard, predictable operating expenses, helping your organization scale efficiently.

With automated business outsourcing, you’ll free up your IT people and enhance your organizational flexibility. InStream offers automated business outsourcing solutions that encompass ECM, Advanced Capture, Robotic Process Automation, and Workflows.

Data Entry

Manually keyed data entry is the most fundamentally basic form of data capture. Depending on your goals and needs, InStream has several options available for affordable data entry, ranging from full-scale outsourcing (either on or off-shore) to empowering your team with the right tools for optimizing and automating parts of the manual data entry process from both structured and unstructured forms.

Augment your internal resources and free your employees to focus on knowledge work. Our experienced team is available around the clock and we use our deep expertise to establish best practices like building databases to reduce keystrokes and programmatic validation to ensure accuracy.

Virtual Lockbox Processing

For mailrooms that process incoming payments, InStream offers dedicated Virtual Lockbox Services for both Wholesale (several invoices represented in any one payment) and Retail (single payments with remittance advices) clients.

From consulting on the development of remittance forms for efficient processing to developing payment portals that merge credit card payments with your lockbox processing systems to establishing rules for automating the posting of payments, InStream has deep expertise in every facet of the Virtual Lockbox environment.

Managed Services

Enhance the productivity of your organization through Managed Services. Our team augments your staff, at your location, to help you tackle a wide variety of business process challenges.

Whether it’s a question of sheer manual processing or a combination of manpower and IT support, our consultative approach to Managed Services will help determine the right approach to solve your unique objectives. From planning to implementation to administration and successful completion, we’ll oversee every step of the process to ensure a positive outcome.

Once the scope of work is determined, we’ll mobilize a trained staff (complete with supervisory personnel) to your location, install any necessary IT resources or equipment, and immediately begin the work that is necessary to help you achieve your business goal – whether that be ongoing provision of tasks or powering through short-term peak requirement needs with additional headcount.

Fulfillment Services

Allow your organization to focus completely on your core competitive competencies by utilizing customizable Fulfillment Services from InStream.

Whether as a seasonal addition to your workflow or something more permanent, InStream has the processes in place to ensure the successful delivery of tangible goods to your end customer. Automating order taking or staffing a call center, tracking inventory, reliable shipping, timely billing, secure payment processing, and empowered customer service… we can undertake the whole process from A – Z or simply help augment a specific segment of your process.

Equipment & Scanner Sales & Maintenance

InStream proudly sells a full range document and check scanners to meet your business needs.

Reliable access to your equipment is critical to the day-to-day management of your business. When your scanners, copiers, microfilm readers, or other technological devices aren’t functioning properly, you need a solution fast.

To help prevent the development of any problems, InStream offers custom preventive maintenance plans designed to proactively diagnose and fix any issues your equipment has. But should you find yourself faced with an equipment failure, we’ll work as expediently as possible to remedy the problem.

For smaller, easy-to-ship items, we offer Advance Unit Exchange so your time without equipment is as limited as possible. If your affected equipment is larger, that will require either on-site servicing or a Depot Return, either of which we can arrange to suit your schedule.

Intuitive Printing

Automate the preparation and sending of time-sensitive documents that are a vital part of business processes like mortgage application processing, enrolling into governmental insurance programs like Medicare, employee onboarding, and more.

By establishing defined rules, Intuitive Printing helps create an outbound communication system that’s capable of operating within specified timeframes to deliver information in the right format, to the right person, at precisely the right time to help maintain the integrity of a given workflow.

6 Ways to Know You Are an Intuitive Printing Candidate

Document Conversion Services

Unleash the power of your data from traditional paper documents. Digitizing paper allows for the efficient retrieval and analysis of your data, eliminates the need for physical storage, and provides layers of encrypted protection.

Depending on the sensitivity of your documents, our conversion process can be as flexible as required. From working on site at your facility, to transporting your documents to one of our many secure conversion facilities, our team is focused on providing the level of protection and attention to detail that your information deserves.

During the conversion process itself, our team is focused on achieving maximum efficiency to ensure that you’re able to introduce your newly digitized data into your workflows and business intelligence processes as quickly as possible. Some of our optimized indexing processes include database lookups, intuitive type ahead technology, OCR, and other technological tools specially designed to streamline the conversion process while simultaneously eliminating errors. The output of the conversion process can be tailored to deliver your information in the exact format necessary for your unique needs.

  • Large Format Scanning and Printing

Produce high-quality reproductions of large, or wide, format documents like architectural drawings, blueprints, maps, and more. With a full-scale production department equipped with multiple specialty scanners and printers, we can help your organization efficiently produce all of your large format documents in whatever quantity you need.

  • Preserving History

Digitizing historical documents requires a level of specialized care to protect the integrity of both the information and the document itself. From local government records to bound books, maps, newspapers, or large format documents, we follow Library of Congress approved conversion methods for every preservation project to ensure a successful archival program that allows your documents to be studied and enjoyed for countless generations.

Throughout every facet of a historical scanning project we take the utmost care to ensure the safety of the document while simultaneously maintaining focus on the quality of the scans themselves. Our team has experience in the duplication and restoration of fragile microfilm and we can even provide on-site services for materials that cannot leave their location.

  • Leasing Document Imaging Equipment

Equip your organization with the necessary tools to complete a given document scanning project without having to invest in ownership of the hardware.

Rent a scanner with no pre-set time commitment for ultimate project flexibility or take advantage of significant price breaks by reserving your machine for weeks or months at a time. Our team will handle all fulfillment, installation, training, configuration, and we provide the highest quality scanners designed to match your imaging needs precisely.

Richmond Memorial Library

The service is friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable. When we have been forced under certain circumstances to purchase microfilm copies elsewhere, it was not at all competitive with InStream’s prices. Likewise, when maintaining and later upgrading microfilm viewers, we could rely on them for the best prices on the market — and the know-how.

-Robert Conrad, Library Director,

Microfilm Services

A full range of Microfilm Services has been developed by InStream in order to help you manage your microfilm in whatever way you need: creation, conversion, duplication, restoration, enhancement, or secure vault storage.

Digitizing Microfilm

Effortlessly increase accessibility and usability of public records stored on your microfilm through digital conversion. Regardless of the format of your microfilm, our team can digitize the important information (while you keep the original film as a backup) to enhance security and promote collaboration.

Microfilm Vault Storage

When the security and safety of your microfilm records is of critical importance, InStream offers premium vault storage. Designed to US Defense standards, this concrete and steel-reinforced vault maintains a steady 70º temperature and 35% humidity level. Intrusion alarms, camera surveillance, prohibition of recording devices, and manual escorting of guests through the facility combine to create a fail-safe security ecosystem, while a host of fire/smoke alarms and suppressants stand at the ready to ensure the physical safety of your film.

Microfilm Creation for Archival Services

Creation of microfilm is focused on providing a high quality image for archival services purposes. Documents of all sizes, from letterhead to maps, can be securely transferred to microfilm and added to your archival library.

Duplication, Restoration, and Enhancement of Microfilm

For organizations that aren’t interested in digitizing their film but still have concerns about the integrity of their current film archives, InStream can duplicate or restore their fragile microfilm to create a longer-lasting record. If necessary, our team can perform these services on location if the transport of your film introduces too much risk.

Outsourced Call Centers

Provide an exceptional level of customer service – from order taking to technical support – without having to adjust staffing levels based on workflow.

Whether your organization needs to communicate expert technical knowledge and troubleshooting or simply requires a manual labor force to power through a seasonal increase in base-level customer service tasks like order taking or tracking, our solution scales to your needs.

To ensure successful outcomes, our Outsourced Call Centers (which can be stationed off-shore or in a domestic InStream facility depending on your needs) incorporate quality monitoring, watch queues, load balancing, and reporting on performance metrics so you always have full visibility into everything we do.

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