Rock, Paper, Digital: How Digital Forms Win Every Time

How Can Digital Forms Improve Your Business?

The push to make business operations paperless is there, but implementation is slow for most. Many business processes are fueled by forms, so it is important to make them as efficient and effective as possible. If you find that your company is feeling held back by paper-based processes, you should investigate eForm management software options.

No matter your reasons for wanting to go digital, here are the key benefits that make digital forms, or eForms, a winning business solution.

Speed & Productivity

If you are set on keeping up in our tech-driven, fast-paced world, go paperless. Digital forms are fast to send and receive and there are huge gains that come from the speedy transmission.

Data information quickly gets where it needs to go and it’s also easily accessible. Web-based form information is available anywhere at any time because of mobile capabilities. There isn’t the delay which is experienced with snail mail or the issue of it getting lost in a stack of paperwork.

With eForms, productivity bottlenecks are avoided. Users are sent notifications on actionable items that keep projects on track. Tasks are completed quickly and easily by a simple click of a button.


By eliminating the need for paper, gaps in your information are avoided and data accuracy is upheld. Manual entry of information can lead to data errors which can often lead to a roadblock along the way. When information is set to be a requirement, you eliminate the possibility of someone overlooking a note that a field is required.

Web-based eForms can verify information, like a credit score or identification number. Not only that but it can pre-populate, or auto-fill, information into the form using key reference data from multiple databases. These features eliminate the need for someone to manually request this information or hunt for it.

If someone enters information incorrectly or leaves a field blank on a paper form, you can’t correct it until it is submitted and reviewed. This can lead to unnecessary work or poor performance. The use of input masks on digital forms means that inaccuracies are instantly rejected and addressed sooner rather than later in the process. Dynamic eForms also generate questions based on entered answers, which again eliminate redundant work. Time is precious and digital forms help you recoup it.


Many people stick to paper forms because they rely on legally binding signatures. However, there is no need to limit yourself since eForms are dynamic and accept electronic signatures. Forms with electronic signatures can be signed and uploaded to electronic workflows with ease.

eForms can be stored in well-developed archives in your chosen document management system (ECM) which adds a level of security you do not have within a filing cabinet or box of paper documents. With a consistent security protocol, you enhance the privacy of users and ensure the right people are accessing sensitive or personal information on digital forms. The archiving of eForms also makes for the perfect audit trail!

Digital form management and portals pair well in order to keep users compliant and on track. A user can be notified to sign an updated policy or complete training, while you are also able to track their deadlines, send reminders, and manage forms. This means you won’t drop the ball by keeping up with requirements and regulations.

Digital Beats Paper

Don’t hesitate when switching to eForms! Software is made to work for you, not the other way around. The right software solution will integrate with what you have and transform your business across all departments. Not only do your employees benefit but your customers will see the difference in choosing to conduct business with you. If you are ready to ditch paper forms, find an eForms management solution that meets your industry’s needs and can achieve your specific business goals.


InStream offers an array of eForm management solutions. Contact us today for a consultation and we can demo solutions best suited to your business goals.

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