How File Compression Benefits Business Beyond Storage and Transmission

What Does File Compression Accomplish?

Beyond cost savings in storage and smaller files that lead to faster transmission, there are so many valuable features of file compression software, like OCR (optical character recognition), encryption, advanced archiving and cataloging. These features greatly affect your business operations and workflows across departments.

File compression software is a groundbreaking document management solution for corporations that generate a high volume of large files. So let’s dive into the benefits of file compression software beyond reduced storage and enhanced transmission.

Boost Employee Efficiency

Advanced PDF compression software utilizes automation to robotically convert all files, both past and present, to high-quality PDFs quietly in the background. This takes the grunt work out of manually converting tens of thousands or perhaps millions of documents into a compressed PDF format. Automated conversion allows staff to work confidently and without being hindered by file size restrictions enforced by servers and networks.

Employees not only can have a better work experience with easy file sharing but with file compression business operations are more efficient. Outside of making files smaller, you can do more with documents that have been scanned into your chosen document management system. Scanned files with printed text are readable by the machine thanks to OCR technology. Since it is highly accurate and quick, employees can easily search PDF files for valuable information. This gives the power back to the person looking for answers and increases efficiency in retrieving the information.

Enhanced Data Security

Utilizing file compression is a huge gain in terms of data security. The encryption element permits secure file sharing and e-mailing. It is excellent for hiding information, and high-end compression software isn’t reversible by commonly used computer software. However, standard encryption does lead to larger sized files which result in the need for more storage space.

Compression achieves the level of security needed while keeping storage costs low by significantly reducing the size of encrypted files. This is greatly beneficial to companies that need strong encryption, like banks and online stores that handle sensitive transaction information.

Faster Communication

Shorter transmission times means faster communication within and outside the company. When a file is too large it can lead to major delays where the sender and receiver are at the mercy of technology. Long wait times due to slow processing is unduly inefficient, especially when trying to meet a high-pressure deadline. When PDF compression enters the picture, you see reduced delays which result in better customer experiences, shorter turnarounds, and more accomplishments within any given day.

Advanced archiving and cataloging are other valuable features of PDF compression. This enables a large grouping of files to be stored together in a way that is easily accessible and shareable. A concern with this feature is commonly related to whether the files will see a reduction in image quality, but that answer to that is “no”. No, file integrity is preserved, and information can be shared lightning fast!

Great Things Come In Little Packages

When looking for a file compression software, look for a professional services company that helps you take full advantage of its plethora of features. Implementation is one thing, but its utilization will spread into work processes and transform operations across your organization for the better. The benefits of lowered storage costs, fast transmission, easier information searches, efficiency boosts, top-notch data security and more are hard to pass up! Show all those bulky files that have been weighing you down who’s boss by adopting software that fits your needs.


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