The Power of File Compression

Here’s How to Reduce File Size by 90%

Are you looking to reduce file size using compression software? We fully support organizations that process large numbers of files and need a way to cut back storage and backup costs. Additionally, we can expand your digital capabilities with the power of our optical character recognition (OCR) software which allows your image files to be fully searchable and significantly accurate and fast.

We may be biased but the best software for file compression is InStreamCOMPRESSION.

How File Compression Benefits Business Beyond Storage and Transmission


What Does File Compression Accomplish?

Here’s what you can achieve with InStreamCOMPRESSION software:

  • Generate easily searchable PDF files with highly accurate OCR
  • Create instant access to your information with high-speed OCR
  • Email, transmit, download and upload compressed documents quickly and easily
  • View files instantly with PDF streaming web optimization
  • Preserve information quality even after extreme file compression
  • Up to 90% file size reduction

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