Managed IT Services

System Integration

Create a fully customized solution for your organization by connecting a network of disparate systems that combine to offer multi-faceted functionality for every aspect of your business.

Virtually no enterprise level software tool provides all of the tools your business needs by itself, but custom integrations create a pipeline between the essential systems you use to run your business efficiently and effectively.

It starts with an in-depth consultation to understand all of your core business objectives and the applications you’re using to achieve those objectives. From there, we develop specialty integrations that allow these applications to communicate with one another for streamlined, scalable reporting that helps uncover critical insights into every corner of your business. From connecting physician practices with hospital hubs in healthcare to creating an application web that helps manage the entire scope of logistics in manufacturing settings, we can create the seamless systems you need to maximize business intelligence.

System Management for Cloud or On Premise

The reliability and performance of your IT systems is a critical determinant of your organization’s ability to remain competitive in your industry. But maintaining deep technical expertise on your staff, particularly for specific applications, is a costly proposition.

Maintain your competitive edge without having to devote an undue percentage of your labor capital to the IT department by working with InStream to outsource your System Management needs. Our IT professionals are dedicated experts who will be empowered to devote their time to your particular needs so that your internal IT department can focus on more critical objectives than system maintenance and management. Whether you are using a traditional on-premise server or utilizing the cloud, we offer a full-service experience that will keep your system and software applications running reliably with minimal interruption.

Managed Cloud Service Provider

Enjoy all the scalable flexibility of the cloud to host your critical business systems and software.

Traditional servers require a large upfront investment of your capital, the time and attention of your IT department who are routinely called upon to maintain the server instead of focus on other objectives that might be mission critical to your bottom line, and a sizable chunk of your physical space that might otherwise be utilized for any number of functions.

By transitioning your hosting activity to the cloud, you eliminate all of those potential disadvantages. Our dedicated team maintains the cloud environment, ensuring reliability and consistent uptime, and a variety of multi-layered security measures (including hardware redundancies) are put in place to ensure a safe environment for all of your data.

Whether your software or system is designed specifically for the cloud or was initially intended as on-premise solution, our engineers can help you deploy your resources seamlessly to enjoy all the benefits of flexibility, accessibility, and scalability offered by managed cloud hosting with InStream.

Pivoting to a Remote Workforce?

For over 10 years, InStream has provided IT resources to companies across the US. Get your employees to work remotely quickly and securely.


Regardless of the convenience of any given technology solution, its true value depends heavily on the strength of the security protocols protecting all of your data. Across our entire spectrum of services, InStream places paramount importance on ensuring the highest levels of security.

For system and software installations and management, we control access via firewalls, password administration, establishment of multiple layers of credentialing, and regularly scheduled proactive penetration testing to ensure that no gaps are left to exploit.

When transferring data, we utilize only the most rigorously tested SFTP protocols that guarantee client authentication, utilization of secure channels, and availability of client identity.

Document scanning and conversion projects at any of our facilities are also treated with the utmost care. Each of our facilities is a highly secure environment controlled by various levels of key card and pin number access and are constantly monitored by high definition cameras strategically positioned to provide full view of the facility.

Software Development & Customization

Your unique business has unique objectives and needs, so it’s unlikely that any single enterprise level, off-the-shelf software solution will provide everything you need.

By developing code to modify these programs and/or integrate them with other systems, we’ll help you make the most of your software investments and create the overarching solution you need to manage all facets of your business processes.

Fax Management

Some industries and organizations rely on fax technology for the day-to-day transferral of certain types of data and information. The controlled conversion of those faxes into a digital format allows you to embrace the power of electronic workflows and ensures that all of your business systems remain updated with the most recent and relevant information.

With a wide variety of fax formats and styles, it becomes imperative to have an experienced team manually preparing each fax for the digitization process to ensure successful scanning that protects the integrity of the data being transmitted. Regardless of the content of the fax or the quality of the printing, InStream will process the information, key data as necessary, and introduce the faxed information into your digital workflow ecosystem for enhanced efficiency.

Archiving Strategically

A successful document management strategy isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Instead, it requires a deep understanding of your goals, specific compliance requirements, and overall organizational objectives.

By taking a holistic approach to the assessment of your flow of documents, it becomes possible to make critical decisions about the management of your short term and long term retention cycles. Allocating seldom used documents to deep storage, purging documents that have outlived their necessity, automating compliance issues,and creating strategies to keep your most essential documents as accessible as possible are all desirable outcomes that ultimately help you reduce storage costs and keep your ECM software functioning at peak levels.

Of course, not all archiving is accomplished digitally. For organizations that have large stores of microfilm and microfiche, we can also help make assessments of those documents and then implement conversion processes or utilize secure vault storage.

Software Maintenance & Enhancements

Maintaining up-to-date software is essential to ensuring that your system and network remain as secure as possible and that your software continues to function as expected to perform its critical business processes. But sometimes, staying current with the myriad patches, upgrades, and fixes is a tedious job that gets pushed to the side in favor of more pressing concerns.

Outsourcing the maintenance of your Software Renewals to InStream ensures that all of your applications are operating at peak efficiency, allowing your organization to reap the benefits of any newly introduced functionality, ensuring uninterrupted access, and creating the most secure digital environment possible.