Win Clients In Specialized Industries

Diversify your marketable services to enter into new potential markets, especially in the healthcare industry. Partnering with InStream to take advantage of lockbox services helps banks of all sizes create or optimize a valuable revenue stream.

Our securely automated lockbox processing services provide a true value-add for healthcare providers who need to process both patient checks and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) payments. Creating an environment that allows for the efficient, secure processing of both payment types (while simultaneously utilizing workflows to instantly communicate that processing to accounting and LOB systems) allows banks to act as a solution-providing partner for healthcare providers at all levels.

How it Works – The Modules

IT & Business Consulting
Project Management
Electronic Forms (E-Forms)
Document Conversion Services
Data Mining & Analytics
Data Capture
Fax Management
Data Mining
Management Reports
Workflow Processing
Redacting Confidential Information
Virtual Lockbox Processing
Intuitive Printing
BPaas - Business Processing as a Service
Securing Access
Eliminating Ownership of Specialty Software
Managed Cloud Service Provider
SaaS-Hosted Software
System Management
Eliminating Stored Paper Documents