Streamline Your Workflow and Eliminate Data Entry Problems with eForms

As the rate of technological growth continues, businesses are seeking new and exciting ways to supplement their workforce. This means incorporating the latest in communication and document management technology, as well as phasing out old and outdated mediums. Paper and the use of paper forms have become expensive, inefficient, and wasteful. The old adage of ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’ is no longer viable in a competitive market. Integrating electronic forms software is the best solution to phase out paper while saving both time and money. Eforms are electronic forms designed to replace equivalent paper-based forms.

From beginning to end, paper forms often bounce between departments or third party organizations for days or weeks at a time before reaching their final destination. This is the result of mailing time, processing through systems of checks and balances, and waiting in an endless queue of other forms. When a completed form is necessary to continue a project or continue work, it can cause a productivity bottleneck. This is lost time and productivity that really begins to accumulate.

Utilizing eForms can reduce these waiting times from days to hours, or even minutes. Eliminate mailing time with the use of email and private networks. Automate processing when possible and streamline workflow when requiring more attention. Capture and archive invoices automatically with a quick approval. Spend less time deciphering and validating forms, and more time pursuing your goals.

Data entry and management is an exhaustive process that takes time and is prone to human error. Paper forms are easily lost, damaged, or stolen. It’s not unusual to find information that is misfiled, compromised, and rife with spelling errors. This is all in addition to the fact that the professional spending their valuable time searching for paper forms likely has more pertinent work to accomplish. Using eForms instead of paper can provide an immediate and long-term solution to these issues.

It’s time to turn that stack of papers overflowing on the corner of the desk into a digital archive. Unlike paper forms, archives are searchable and altered in an instant. Authorized users in the network have access to their required information. Furthermore,guarantee data accuracy and regulation compliance by requiring fields to contain any desired information. This ensures that a form is filled out completely and correctly the first time it is submitted. EForms remove the hassle of data entry without compromising the accuracy.

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