Make More By Doing Less With AP Automation

Being an accounts payable clerk is not always a walk in the park, especially when they’re sitting at their desk, with a pile of papers up to their head. When paper takes over the office, clerks can either hire a new employee, or your organization can get smart and eliminate the time-consuming paper based workflow all together.

Save Time

 AP automation can essentially speed up the process of filing invoices by 800%. Instead of the AP clerk hounding through boxes just to find that year end invoice, they can now search through their computer, right from their desk. AP automation will promptly give them insight to where an invoice is, with the click of a mouse. Avenues are opened up that are not accessible through a manual environment. No more misfiles or late payments; time can now be spent working efficiently instead of being frustrated. Workers will no longer spend half the day searching for a document that was misplaced, or worse, lost!

Save Money

But that’s not all folks, it doesn’t end with just saving your organization time. Additionally, AP automation will save your organization tens of thousands of dollars, which can be spent on other departments. There is no longer a need for a paper bill anymore, just give suppliers an email address for future use.  Now the AP clerk will just receive a couple emails a day with the ability to approve a list of invoices. Creating a paperless AP department means making more offices clean and organized, saving time and money, but more important it reduces your organization’s carbon footprint. This is just the beginning of the journey, it’s time to stop spending money on your business and to start putting it into it.

With AP Automation:

  • Convert scanned invoices to searchable PDFs.
  • Automatically extract invoice information.
  • Automated classification of vendors for easy information gathering.
  • Simple, effective spreadsheet view to validate invoice information.
  • Exportation of invoice information to standard formats.

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