How InStream Will Transform Your Business Processes

Common Process Struggles

Does your company struggle with finding the best solution to process your incoming mail?  Are you trying to decide if you should outsource the process to someone else or leverage technology to make the process more efficient? Many companies today still waste too much time, money and resources, trying to complete tasks which are not part of their core business processes thus distracting them form what they do best. Your company needs a process solution that allows your tasks to be completed quicker, cheaper and more efficient.


InStream BPO Solutions

Many companies debate on whether to find an outside firm to process their mail and other manual paper based processes, or to leverage their own in-house technology. The best solution may be either one or both and is highly dependent upon each individual corporate situation and goals.  At InStream we’ve been proving for over 10 years that the best solution is often a blend of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and leveraging technology to reduce manual and often redundant processes. The new and/or updated technologies include the next generation of capture/OCR, document classification, data extraction technologies and robotic process automation. A combination of these solutions will allow us to build a customized workflow solution that is best suited to the specific business needs of your company.


Enhance Your Existing Processes While Minimizing Disruption

The beauty is that these new products and solutions will often work with your current technology investment thus allowing for greater adoption and less disruption of your workforce.  This means that process efficiencies will be greatly increased across your organization, creating a synergistic effect that often has a payback period of 6-9 months – not to mention triple digit ROI’s!


Would your organization benefit from Robotic Process Automation?

Imagine how your business efficiencies would be transformed, if your data extraction rates were over 90%. Allow InStream to complete the ugly, manual processes, and provide you with the images and data in a rules-based intelligent workflow. InStream will ensure that your entire organization benefits with substantial cost-savings and reduced labor. With fast, accurate data, you and your team will be better equipped to make smarter business decisions.


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