Losing Documents? It’s Time for a Change

In today’s fast paced business world, companies are doing everything it takes to stay relevant and keep up. Customers expect more from the organization’s they work with; constant availability, fast and productive customer service interactions, and accurate information. Using paper based processes can create a lot of inefficiencies and leave a lot of room for error. Utilizing document management in the following departments can be extremely beneficial.

Internal Processes

The more paper your business handles, the more you’re at risk for errors. As your business grows, so does the need for a centralized locations for all the information. Utilizing document management will improve processes.


If your AR and AP processes are still paper based, they can get lost in the shuffle and piles of paperwork. Employees waste time trying to find these documents when they’re needed. Approval processes, ensuring that shipping and receiving information are the same- these can all take time. But with digital documents they’ll be quicker and more accurate.


As mentioned before, the more your business grows, the more paper is handled. Every business loves an increase of sales, but do they love the increase of documents that then have to go through the sales cycle. Can employees handle it? If a customer calls with questions regarding their order, how long does it take to get them answers?

Manufacturing and Shipping

If you have to ask the questions “Did we ship this?” or “Did this come in?”, then it’s time to consider digitizing documents. Employees cannot be unsure about where documents are, especially during the manufacturing and shipping process. By digitizing documents they can keep track of document locations and keep them under control.

Don’t let paper run your office. If you’re thinking about document management or would like more information, contact us today.