Streamlining Your Inbound/Outbound Customer Communications

The United States Postal Service processes and delivers more than 350 million pieces of mail per day. Whether your office receives a few dozen or a few thousand of those mail pieces, there’s no denying that a lot of work (not to mention physical space) is involved in the process.

Of course, incoming mail is only the half of it. Successfully managing outbound communications requires sophisticated logistics and a wide array of employee decisions (e.g. “Which letter do we send? Is this first contact, or a follow up?”) – all of which can be streamlined with template-based letter printing and other intuitive printing solutions.

Processing Inbound Communications

Let’s start with managing your inbound communications: invoices, payments, customer correspondence… it all hits the mailroom. Then what? If your organization is like many others, an employee (or several employees) has to process that mail and route it to the appropriate employees within the organization.

At InStream, we believe there’s a faster, more efficient way. We set up organizations with digital mailroom services, freeing up their space and resources.

Here’s how it works: inbound mail is picked up and brought back to InStream’s mailroom processing center, where it’s quickly opened, sorted, scanned and indexed into a document management system. From there, it is routed down a unique workflow (built on business rules specific to your organization’s needs) that automatically determines who each piece of mail needs to go to for processing. Employees receive notifications that they have new mail to review, and can login, view, and digitally perform the tasks related to this correspondence.

Outbound Communications: Intuitive Printing & More

We also help organizations streamline their outbound communications. Even if you’re using templates for many of your outbound letters and customer communications, manually filling in the templates with customer-specific information, printing, and sending the correspondence can be time consuming. InStream makes it easy on clients by automating the entire process of generating new correspondence; plus, we even handle the printing and mailing for you, taking all the manual processes off your plate.

InStream expedites the process and reduces employee workload by customizing document management systems with workflows that allow organizations to generate correspondence from any number of different templates specific to the customer.

Application acknowledgements, approvals, or requests for additional information are just a few examples of these types of letters. An HR department may use letter generation technology to create job offer letters, while an insurance company may generate letters notifying customers of a policy change. Whatever the correspondence, we can create it, automate it, and provide you with a workflow solution that allows you to select your choice of mailing.

Once the employee chooses which type of correspondence to create, InStream’s custom print and mail solution generates the selected letter and merges the appropriate data into the correspondence. We handle all printing and mailing of the letter, and once the process is complete, we upload a copy back into the file for audit and record keeping purposes.

We have experience providing both large and small batch intuitive printing services. Regardless of your specific printing needs, InStream has the solution for you.

More Data, Faster Access, Greater Transparency

So, why streamline your inbound and outbound customer communications?

    • Data: Because both your inbound and outbound correspondence is digitized with InStream’s mailroom services, your organization can enjoy the benefits of having more data to report on. Know exactly how many different types of correspondence your company has mailed out. Know what was sent, when it was sent, and the quantity – all within a chosen date range.
    • Access: A digital mailroom allows everyone who’s granted access the ability to view mail from any device and any location. Work doesn’t slow down waiting for a piece of mail to travel from one desk to the next.
    • Transparency: Management can easily track down a piece of mail and know when and where it was digitally delivered within the office.

Streamline YOUR Business’s Customer Communications!

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Digital Mailrooms: What You Need To Know