5 Ways Your Company Could Benefit from a New Mailroom Process

Well, it’s been over 25 years since we were first greeted with, “You’ve got mail,” and stamps and envelopes are still going strong. While it doesn’t look like snail mail is going away anytime soon, that doesn’t mean your business is locked into manually processing paper and payments. With InStream’s virtual lockbox and mailroom solutions, payments and paper received can be scanned and processed through a secure digital workflow solution.

InStream helps businesses from all sectors process thousands of payments and mailed correspondence, allowing companies to save both time and money. Let’s take a closer look at how your company could benefit from some new mailroom processes…

#1 Digitize & Distribute to Multiple Recipients

Chances are, your organization receives some mail that needs to be reviewed or processed by multiple individuals or departments. InStream makes this fast and easy by digitizing the documents and routing them through customized workflows so that they get in front of the right eyes immediately.

#2 Receive Mail Faster

With a virtual mailroom, recipients can get access to their mail faster, which means faster turnaround times and greater productivity. In the case of invoices received from vendors who offer early pay discounts, time saved with a virtual mailroom really is money saved when you can get your hands on your invoices quickly.

#3 Integrate With Your Current AP or HR Software

If your organization already uses specialty software in accounts payable or human resources, InStream’s virtual mailroom services can integrate directly with those platforms. Incoming mail can be digitized and automatically directed through custom workflows with data extracted to the appropriate software so that your team can continue forward without missing a beat.

#4 Stay Compliant Without Spending on Storage

Compliance regulations may require you to keep certain documents for a period of months or years. As your business scales, these storage demands can become taxing. Sorting and storing required documents can be expensive and can consume a lot of physical space. When mail is digitized, however, storage becomes much more affordable and manageable. Plus, digital documents are safe from damage and theft.

#5 Improve Document Security

Many InStream clients in government, healthcare, and finance have stringent security and confidentiality requirements. Our virtual mailroom services provide the security they need to process mail digitally – avoiding potential risks associated with paper documents.

#6 Comprehensive Virtual Lockbox Solutions

Virtual lockbox solutions are a popular companion to our mailroom solutions. With a virtual lockbox, your company can securely outsource incoming check processing and payments. Learn more about virtual lockbox payment services. 

Ready to Improve Your Mailroom or Lockbox Process?

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