Digital Mailrooms: What You Need to Know

Digital Mailrooms: What You Need to Know

Digitizing mailrooms is a solution that allows companies to receive the same information without the daily influx of paper.  Physical mail is still a very important part of daily life for many businesses while email and other electronic mediums are quicker and more efficient for receiving information. Regardless of company size, you probably have a significant amount of mail that needs to be sorted and processed each day. For companies who have a substantially large volume of mail, Digital Mailrooms are excellent for organization and efficiency.

InStream has a lot of experience creating customized Digital Mailroom solutions for a wide variety of different companies and businesses. Below are just a few highlights of InStream’s Digital Mailroom solutions.

Easy Collaboration and Mobility

Digital Mailroom allows for any designated employee to have access to company mail anywhere, anytime. Easy access allows for increased collaboration because all employees will be on the same page with instant access to mail. Your employees will no longer need to wait for physical mail to be delivered to them. Mail scanning creates digitized files that can be accessed from any digital device which offers valuable mobility to workers who are working remotely

InStream specializes in document imaging, ensuring that digital documents are of the highest quality. We digitally image all your incoming mail and make those images accessible in real-time electronically.

Reduce and Eliminate Costs

Physical mailrooms are very expensive for a company to maintain and staff. Depending on your mail volume, you may require mailroom staff to manually process and handle the mail that flows through your company as a necessity. Digital Mailrooms will give you an opportunity to better allocate resources when scaling your business.  Without the need for an on-site mailroom, you are able to reclaim office space, which could mean a new breakroom, office, or arcade. You get the picture!


When you manually process your incoming mail on-site, your mail processing is prone to human error. It is very easy for physical mail documents to become lost or misdirected upon delivery, which can delay response time or progress on important matters. Instead of having to process incoming mail at your location, InStream will convert your mail within our secure facilities with highly specialized and trained staff.

InStream carefully scans your mail documents and maintains several different security measures placed throughout our document conversion process to ensure the safety of private information. The InStream production areas are protected against unauthorized entry. Our facilities require a key card or pin code access at the point of entry into the building and to our various secure areas inside.

Revamped Mailroom Organization

When converting your mail to the Digital Mailroom, InStream will classify your mail with specific labels and categories to ensure optimal organization.

Our labels include:

  • Account Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mail Category
  • Received Date

Send and Transfer Mail

Digital Mailrooms allow you to easily send mailed documents throughout your company. Electronic mail can be shared with other employees or be stored for future needs. The risk of losing track of a specific piece of mail that may be required for inventory or audit purposes would be eliminated with the digital system. Additionally, an auditable electronic record of incoming mail allows for a date/time stamp to record when the information was received and/or reviewed. This is very handy if your specific industry requires important records to meet requirements and regulations.

Complete Work Faster

Physical mail is slow and can sometimes take days to process. With Digital Mailrooms, you can instantly access your mail on any authorized digital device. This instant digital access allows you to get information instantly. Overall workflow efficiency is increased by reducing the time spent waiting for specific information.

Switch to Virtual Mailbox Services

InStream offers the best virtual mail service with custom solutions that match the needs of your business. Utilizing a Digital Mailroom offers digital automation which leads to multiple advantages that will increase productivity. Hosting mail electronically optimizes workflow through security benefits and physical space reductions. Reduce your physical mail today and reach out for a consultation about Digital Mailrooms.

Contact us today to implement digital mailroom. We can get it set up for you in a matter of days!