Mailroom Scanning 101

If you work for a large company, then you probably have a constant influx of mail that needs to be sorted and processed. Even smaller companies can have a significant amount of mail that can be difficult to maintain.  For companies who have a high volume of mail, Mailroom Scanning an excellent solution that offers organization and efficiency. InStream has a lot of experience creating customized Mailroom Scanning solutions for a wide variety of different companies and businesses. Below are just a few highlights of InStream’s Mailroom Scanning solutions.


Easy Collaboration

Mailroom Scanning will create a Virtual Mailroom, allowing any designated employee to have access to company mail. This easy access allows for increased collaboration. Employees will all be on the same page with instant access to mail. Your employees will no longer need to wait for physical mail to be delivered to them, as mail can now be accessed from any digital device.


Reduce and Eliminate Costs

Physical mailrooms are very expensive for a company to maintain and staff. Depending on your mail volume, you may be required to staff several employees just to manually process and handle all of the mail that flows through your company. Mailroom Scanning will eliminate the need for extra employees, as mail is digitally accessible. InStream specializes in document imaging, ensuring that digital documents are of the highest quality. We will digitally image all of your incoming mail, and will make those images accessible on your digital devices.



When you manually process your incoming mail on-site, your mail processing is prone to error. It is very easy for physical mail documents to become lost, or end up in the wrong hands. Instead of having to process your mail on-site, InStream will convert your mail in our secure facilities.  InStream takes great care when scanning your mail documents, as we have a number of different security measures placed throughout our document conversion process. The InStream production areas are secured by solid wood doors with floor to roof walls protecting the entire facility. The InStream facility requires key card or pin code access at the point of entry into the building as well as various secure areas within the building.


Revamped Organization

When converting your mail to the Virtual Mailroom, InStream will classify your mail with certain labels and categories to ensure optimal organization. Specific labels include: Policy Number, First Name, Last Name, Mail Category and Received Date.


Send and Transfer Mail

Mailroom Scanning will allow your team  to easily send mail documents across your company. Also, you eliminate the risk of losing track of your mail, like you would with physical mail.


Complete Work Faster

Physical mail is slow, and can sometimes take days to process. With Virtual Mailrooms, you can instantly access your mail on any authorized digital device. This instant digital access allows you to get information instantly. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for the information you need, allowing tasks to be completed quicker, increasing overall workflow efficiency.


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