Top 5 Reasons to Implement Mailroom Scanning

It is burden for any company to process their own mail. To handle the constant inflow of mail, many companies find themselves forced to hire additional labor and equipment. Mail processes are very expensive to perform on-site, and is especially costly long-term. InStream will build your company a customized Mailroom Scanning solution that will streamline your existing mail processes. Below are the top five reasons to implement InStream’s Mailroom Scanning. Mailroom Scanning allows your office to eliminate paper before it comes through the door.

A Digital Mailroom: InStream will digitally convert all your mail documents, making them accessible on any authorized digital device. Once documents are digitized, they can then be viewed by all designated employees. With your mail being so accessible, your team will be able to gain access to documents faster, increasing overall productivity.

Streamlined Processes: InStream will streamline every step of your existing mail processes. We will pick up, sort, process, digitize, organize and store your mail. InStream’s streamlined mailroom processes will eliminate the costs associated with manually processing mail on-site. The entire mail process is also very time consuming to perform, so let us do the work so you don’t have to!

Convenience: InStream builds custom mailroom solutions that fit our client’s specific business needs.  Our goal is to create convenience for our customers, and we will consider you current mailroom process when designing your custom virtual mailroom. For example, your mail may need to be processed or prepared a certain way, and InStream will ensure that all your specific mail processing needs are met.

Instant Accurate Delivery: Has an important company document ever gotten lost somewhere in your mailroom? Digitized mail documents will ensure that documents are instantly routed to all designated recipients. So if there is an important mail document that you need to send to a co-worker, it can be digitally routed instantly.

Revamped Productivity: When your employees no longer have to waste time and money processing mail, you can be free to redirect your resources to focus on your core competencies. Your downstream business processes will benefit from instant access to company data and information.

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