Why Scan with InStream? Robust Security

As your business grows, so does your document volume. Increasing paper volumes require a significant amount of security measures to ensure document safety. The more paper documents you have in your office, more money you have to spend on locks, security cameras and alarms. Businesses everywhere strive to achieve and maintain document security. Document security is much easier to manage with digital documents, than it is with physical paper files housed in filing cabinets. InStream’s Backfile Scanning will digitize your documents for increased security, safeguarding your documents from any threats.

When storing physical paper documents, your files are susceptible to natural disasters. Floods, fires and blizzards can instantly destroy your office documents.  Once scanned, your documents will exist in a digital format, vastly increasing their lifespan. Disaster recovery and backup controls mean that your scanned documents will always be safe from any natural disaster that could potentially strike your office.

Exposed paper documents across office desks and conference rooms are also vulnerable to loss and theft. Any paper document that isn’t stored can potentially be viewed by anyone in the office. Backfile Scanning reduces document exposure, ensuring that only authorized employees gain access to files.

Document security for your company begins with InStream’s Backfile Scanning. 30% of organizations say that compliance and security considerations is the most significant business driver of document and record management projects (AIIM). Scanning with InStream will eliminate storage costs and security concerns. Your documents will be centrally located in a digital format, eliminating physical storage. InStream will work directly with your company to implement custom security measures including tracking and passwords. Once scanned, digital files can be monitored, making sure that documents are only accessed by those who are authorized.

InStream will ensure document security at every stage of the scanning process. Our state-of-the-art scanning facilities include vaults and a spectrum of security standards ensuring that your documents are safe throughout the scanning process.

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