Why Scan with InStream? Maximize Document Storage

Is your office achieving optimal document storage?

In paper-based offices, there’s only so much available space to store documents. Manual paper processes require a lot of labor and office space to perform. Two questions typically emerge when assessing document storage needs: How can we regain office space and increase document storage capacity? The answer to both of these questions is InStream’s Backfile Scanning solutions.

Your Storage Problems: Your office is cluttered with paper documents that aren’t organized. Files are spread out across desks, shelves and file cabinets, and you have no current system in place for document indexing. Document retrieval is a nightmare, requiring a great deal of employee time. Much of your current office space is devoted to storing paper documents. Your team needs a solution that will free up office space, while providing optimal storage capacity.

InStream’s Storage Solution: InStream’s Backfile Scanning converts your physical paper documents into digital files that can be stored and accessed electronically. Once scanned, your files will exist in a digital format, eliminating the need for on-site storage. With digital files, your company can slash storage expenses and get rid of space-consuming file cabinets.

InStream will design a custom scanning solution that is compatible with your storage capacity needs and requirements. When working with digital documents, you can easily increase digital storage space as your business grows. Storage capacities for digital documents are far greater than those of paper files. A company can only fit so many file cabinets in the office, but can always increase digital storage. Whether it’s a few boxes or your entire archives, your team is free to define your own conversion preferences.

Backfile Scanning will convert your paper-clogged manual processes into a streamlined workflow

  • Eliminate productivity bottlenecks
  • Free up much-needed workspace
  • Eliminate storage, equipment and maintenance costs
  • Enable document accessibility

To learn more about document storage, contact InStream today.