Why Scan with InStream? Slash Turnaround Times

The modern business world moves fast, and rapid technological advancements have forced companies to step up their game. The current digital landscape requires that companies have instant access to all important business documents and data. People want information faster than ever before, and companies are becoming less patient with slow, manual processes.  In order to keep up with increasing technology demands, your company needs a solution that will help you complete projects faster.

Paper documents are a pain to retrieve and deliver. In order to efficiently collaborate on a project, each team member needs to be equipped with the proper documents needed for project completion. With paper documents, you need to make copies for every member of your team. Lack of efficient document access hinders employee communication, with slow routing and misfiled documents. Such inefficiencies lead to project completion delays, slow turnaround times, and cost escalations which reflect badly on any team. Also, document mismanagement can lead to errors, seriously damaging a company’s reputation.

InStream’s Document Scanning solutions provide employees with instant digital access to company files. With constant access at your fingertips, you won’t need to waste precious time retrieving documents. Constant document access will streamline office communications, bridging communication gaps, while spearheading faster project completions. Instantly route source documents to any employee, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Document Scanning provides your team with instant access to source documents, so your business processes can be streamlined. Your team will be able to easily tackle time constraints, with fast, accurate information. Customer service will improve with reduced or eliminated routing delays. Document retrieval will be as easy as a click of a button, not an hours-long file cabinet search. Reduced paper documents will allow your company to slash turnaround times, reduce administrative costs and improve your bottom line.

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