Accounts Payable and Mailroom Scanning : A Perfect Match!

Accounts Payable has a relatively complicated workflow process that involves a lot of critical documents and associated regulations. If your AP department is still sending paper documents, then you probably waste a lot of time tracking payments and waiting for approvals and authorizations.  With so many documents, it is often a struggle to achieve efficient workflows, while trying to attain optimum productivity. InStream has the perfect solution to end your AP processing nightmare. InStream’s Accounts Payable Mailroom Scanning the 21st century solution for paper-burdened AP departments. InStream will streamline your AP department by expediting approval processing times, while eliminating the need to send hard-copy paper documents

With years of experience, we at InStream understand that each AP department has their own methods of processing their incoming documents. Your team needs a Mailroom Scanning solution that is best suited to the specific needs of your AP department. InStream will work directly with your team to map and build a customized mailroom solution that encompasses all of your specific departmental needs.

Anyone alive today is well aware of the countless cyber security threats that currently plague the workforce. Companies, and especially AP departments, need to take extra care in order to protect themselves against fraud and data breach. When your AP department works with InStream, we will implement multi-layered security measures, safeguarding your documents against any threats, while addressing all of your security concerns.

The costs of manually processing AP mail documents are very high. When you have to print, process, store and route documents, the costs are even higher. Compliance fines associated with lost AP documents can quickly add up. Also, the larger the company, the more substantial your AP expenses are going to be. InStream’s Mailroom Scanning solutions will bring your department significant cost-savings, providing your company with an ROI for 2018 and years to come

How many times do you find yourself waiting for approvals or authorizations to be completed? With Mailroom Scanning, your team can instantly route invoices to authorized recipients, slashing turnaround cycles and improving overall workflow.

AP departments are subject to strict compliance regulations. Failure to meet compliance can result in significant fines, and other various consequences. Your department needs a mail solutions, that addresses all of your compliance and regulations needs. InStream’s Mailroom Scanning solutions will ensure that achieving compliance is a breeze. We will centralize your mail documents, allowing your team to instantly check for any errors that may occur. Your team will gain greater control over AP processes, allowing your team to monitor at every step.

Lowe costs, centralized documents, slashed turnaround times and instant routing will all lead to streamlined AP department efficiency.

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