The Penalties of Paper

It’s no secret; we all use our phones and tablets to manage all aspects of our lives, making it easier to perform everyday tasks. Could it be possible to apply this efficiency in the workplace as well? In order to boost office efficiency, ridding the use of paper products in exchange for a more environmentally friendly option could improve the all around impression of your office, and position your business for future success. If your business currently uses a paper-based management system, you could be exposing your office to potential risks.

Time Consumption

Do you find yourself sacrificing valuable minutes searching for documents? The average workday ranges from 480 to 540 minutes; don’t devote time searching for an un-locatable document. On estimate, 7.5% of office documents are lost due to file disorganization. Organization within any office management system is crucially important for any level of success. Searching for documents takes about 20% of an employee’s time. The implementation of a paperless management system reduces the amount of lost time, making it easier to locate documents. Would you rather spend your time locating a lost document or closing a deal with a very important client?

Space Consumption

File cabinets taking up your office space? With demand for space increasing for every paper-based document obtained, businesses will see office space decrease with each cabinet acquired. The copious amount of visible storage will limit the ability for your office to appear systematic from your clientele’s point of view. Employees will become overwhelmed with tasks intended to be simple. Limiting the amount of office space dedicated to your files will promote the idea of organization from various standpoints. Let’s not forget about the price of a filing cabinet, ranging anywhere from $400 to $600. Would you rather devote your office space to a file cabinet, or your company’s plaque of achievement?

Paper Consumption

The idea of limiting the production paper seems like a no brainer in this day in age. With everything being accessible online, many companies are making the switch to digital alternatives when it comes to reducing paper collection. Compiling paper documents can pose a security threat to your business. Business documents can be sought out for various reasons, don’t let your office become subjected a potential exposure of confidential information. Storing your business’s documents on your digital management system reduces the risk of a breach of confidentiality. Becoming “paperless” is not a hard concept to understand, but it may be difficult for some companies to adapt for their business. Seeking out a the right document management company for your business is a smart decision and will allow the conversion to be an easy process. For more information, contact Biel’s today.

Written By: Olivia Jackson
Content Marketing Intern