Electronic Medical Records: A Smart Investment for Your Practice

The future is now for your health care practice, don’t get lost in the paperwork. Interested in increasing space, reducing time, and improving the protection of your patient charts? Adopting and using an Electronic Medical Records, or EMR, method may be beneficial to your practice in more ways than one.  

What is EMR and why is it important?

EMR is a collection of all your patients charts, accessible through an online database. Whether your practice resembles a large scale health care provider, or a small family practice, implementing a digital filing system helps to keep your patient information organized, easily accessible, and safe. The preservation of your patient’s medical history is crucially important for your practice to provide the proper treatment for each patient; a critical professional responsibility.

The organization system of endless manila folders, alphabetically compiled within big file cabinets is all too familiar to any medical practice employee or patient. Patients and healthcare professionals no longer prefer patient’s private medical history being physically stored, it is outdated and inefficient.

What are the benefits of using EMR?

Everyone is familiar with the stereotypical joke that a doctor’s handwriting is illegible. True or not, it’s not so comical when a patient’s medical condition depends on it. EMRs reduce the potential mistakes due to indecipherable language in patient reports. A clear, readable chart is necessary in conducting a safe and successful practice.

Manual document retrieval becomes a thing of the past. EMR is a time saver when it comes to retrieving patient history, ridding the process of searching endlessly for a specific file amongst hundreds. For example, a long-time patient requests a specific form they signed back in 2007. How long would it take you or your employee to locate that document? Do you even know where to look for that form? A quick search within your EMR database would locate that form within seconds, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Perhaps the worst case scenario happens, a fire, flood, or a break-in; are you backing up the information contained in your patient’s charts somewhere else? Paperless companies pose the risk to having their documents destroyed or exposed if any of these scenarios come into play. Don’t allow your practice to be one of them. EMR keeps your files safe and retrievable so you won’t have to worry about the loss of important documents. It also reduces the risk of exposing confidential patient paperwork. For more information, please contact us today. Get your practice practicing the right way.

Written By: Olivia Jackson
Content Marketing Intern