AP Automation

Your Struggles

You find that your invoice processing is often delayed…

which has a devastating impact on the workflow of your organization. Your company needs an AP Solution that will streamline your invoices, capture data, and archive important documents for later use.

Our Solutions

Exporting invoice data will be a breeze…

with data capture and scanning technology. InStream’s AP Automation also ensures accurate data extraction, eliminating the threat of costly errors. Most importantly? Your organization will save time and money. View our most recent webinar to see how InStream’s AP Automation can help streamline your department.

Case Study: Avox

With a seemingly endless backlog of paper AP documents and thousands more coming in every week, Avox Systems (a US-based aerospace technology company), needed a solution to streamline their processes and become more efficient. That’s why they turned to InStream!

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Workflow Processes

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Improve Your

HR Onboarding

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