Cloud Computing is Here to Stay.

Cloud computing is one of the newest and biggest trends in business. A recent survey of more than 3500 IT decision-makers took a look inside the reasons behind the continued use of cloud computing. As a result of the survey, here are the top ten findings and reasons why cloud computing is here to stay.

  • More than one-third of the survey respondents cited accessibility to information through multiple devices as the most important reason for their decision to adopt cloud computing.
  • About 14% of the companies have downsized their IT after cloud adoption.
  • 82% of all companies saved money in their last cloud adoption project.
  • 65% of the companies chose cloud-based solutions more than a year ago.
  • Cloud computing gives organizations a green boost. About 64% of organizations say that adopting cloud-based solutions has helped them reduce waste and lower energy consumption.
  • More than 90% of all companies saw at least one area of improvement in their IT department since they moved to the cloud.
  • 52% reported increased data center efficiency and utilization while 47 percent of companies said that they witnessed lower operating costs after cloud adoption.
  • 80% of the companies experienced improvements within six months of moving to the cloud.
  • Small businesses faced less workforce resistance to cloud adoption.
  • Half of the U.S. government IT workers say that they have moved work to the cloud.

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