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Document Conversion Services

Is your organization still relying on paper documents? It’s time to unleash the power of your data through document conversion.

Digitizing paper files empowers your team to:

  • Find files quickly
  • Analyze data more efficiently
  • Eliminate physical storage
  • Encrypt and secure sensitive information

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Our Scanning Solutions

Every organization’s needs are different. At InStream, we have the expertise and experience to solve your unique challenges:

  • Backfile scanning: Have years of documents in storage? At 200 pages/minute, we can scan and convert them in no time.
  • Day-forward scanning: Scanning new documents on a daily basis opens a world of new possibilities for how you manage and share information.
  • On-location or off-site options: We can scan at your facility or at one of our secure conversion facilities—whatever is best for the sensitivity of your data.
  • Document management: Need a powerful and flexible document management system to keep your newly digitized files in order? Our Go IO platform is secure and cloud-based, letting you access files any time from any device.

Why InStream?

InStream has been helping businesses and organizations work more efficiently and effectively across the US since 2004. With a diverse team of technical and business experts and an array of leading technology, we’ve had the privilege of working with leading organizations in healthcare, finance, government, and business.

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