How eForms & Paperless Solutions Can Benefit K-12 Schools

“The dog ate my homework,” doesn’t work for students anymore. (Did it ever?)

Likewise, your school administration isn’t going to tell parents or the school board, “We can’t seem to find that file!” When it comes to document management, you want the best for your administration – just like you want the best for your students.

Administrations at K-12 schools around the country are finding new and better ways of serving parents and students, remaining in compliance, and reducing workflow friction by transitioning from paper-based processes to eForms and document management software. Find out how these changes can result in better outcomes for your school…

Better Services for Parents, Students & Third-Party Org’s

Enrollment and registration processes can involve quite a few forms. Health records, academic records, liability waivers, meal vouchers, income verification, release and permission forms… these are just a few of the documents that may be a part of a student’s file when enrolling in school, a sport, or an after-school program.

InStream helps school administrations better control how these documents are collected and stored, creating a better experience for parents, students and outside organizations (e.g. university admissions departments, school boards, etc.).

With eForms and document management software, your school’s administration can:

    • Receive digital copies of completed forms directly from parents (without relying on students to carry forms home and back to school). Information is automatically placed into a document management system, where it is easy to retrieve data and run queries.
    • Free up physical storage space in your facility.
    • Improve productivity by automating reminders to parents regarding incomplete forms.
    • Define security measures, so that only authorized users can access images and data.

Better Workflow Processes for Less Friction

Switching from a paper-based administration office to eForms and digital document management reduces friction in your workflow processes. Using these methods, your administration can send documents and forms directly to parents in an electronic format. There’s no longer a need to rely on students for delivery, and no need to pay printing and postage costs in mailing forms out to parents.

These technologies can even be configured to prompt parents via email to complete forms at set intervals (e.g. “Due Tomorrow”). With eForms and customized document management solutions, your data becomes easy to audit and manage for reports. Using document management software can free up your administration’s time and contribute to stronger, more robust workflow processes.

Remaining in Compliance Has Never Been Easier

Not only does having a secure document management system allow your administration to better serve all parties involved, this technology can assist your K-12 school in remaining compliant. For example, InStream’s secure student record storage solutions can be programmed to work with your existing document retention policies. Automatically set files to be archived or purged at set intervals.

Of course, these solutions can also integrate with the student information system (SIS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software you’re already using. Remain in compliance while protecting critical data, such as students’…

    • Personal information
    • Transcripts
    • Health records
    • Schedules
    • And more!

Document Management Software & eForms

To learn more about how InStream can help your school administration through eForms, document management software, and other secure, paperless solutions, please contact us.