The Long-Term Benefits of Document Scanning

Companies are constantly looking for ways to increase their bottom line and their efficiency. How can we be more productive? How can we eliminate pain-points and workflow bottlenecks? The answer to these questions is Document Scanning. Document Scanning is the perfect solution for firms who are looking to reduce paper and gain efficiency. Below are just a few benefits of Document Scanning:

Save Space: Document Scanning will transform your office, taking you from paper-plagued to paper free. You will be able to get rid of mountains of paperwork and clunky file cabinets. By eliminating paper documents, you will finally be able to reclaim office space so your team can work efficiently without having to work around paper files. Once your documents are scanned, you can repurpose office space for more important uses. You will also save on administrative expenses previously spent on file cabinets, storage, security, printers and ink.

Improve Productivity: In paper-laden offices, employees can waste hours sifting through file cabinets, trying to locate a single document. Not only are paper documents costly to maintain, they time-consuming as well. Document Scanning will eliminate the time-consuming tasks associated with maintaining paper documents. Employees will then be free to redirect their focus towards more important company projects. The instant accessibility and routing of digital documents will slash turnaround times and improve workcycles.

Enhance Security: Document Scanning will provide your office with stronger security and data protection. When your documents are scanned, they will exist in a digital format, meaning they will no longer be strewn across the office as paper document frequently are. Once digitized, documents will only be accessible by authorized employees, and a number of controls will enforce strong security. Passwords and encryption will safeguard your sensitive documents, protecting them from ending up in the wrong hands. Easily achieve compliance with document retention.

Eliminate Redundancy: In offices with paper files, there may be multiple versions of a single document. When your company has multiple copies of a particular document, or if you continuously expand on a document, it can be very difficult to determine which document is correct. Duplicate records can result in incorrect data, further disrupting business processes. Document Scanning will ensure that there is a single master document or “Golden Record” in your repository.

Increased Availability: One of the most significant benefits of Document Scanning is the ability to share and collaborate. You can instantly send documents to any authorized recipient, eliminating routing delays. Project teams with multiple colleagues can easily collaborate with shared access to any needed documents. Office efficiency will increase, as paper documents will no longer need to be passed around between departments.

Implement Advanced Solutions:Once your company completes Document Scanning, you will be ready to implement a wide variety of advanced office solutions.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Robotics
  • Electronic workflows
  • Integrations,
  • Customer facing websites
  • System integrations,
  • Audits
  • Compliance testing


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