Why Your Office Needs to Go Paperless in 2021

Going Paperless In 2021?

InStream’s Document Conversion Scanning is the 2021 solution that will transform your paper-clogged office into a streamlined and efficient modern workforce. This year has been hard for businesses and employees worldwide. As work-from-home has become the new normal, now is the perfect time for companies to turn their focus towards workflow efficiency solutions,  and lead their team towards an organized and profitable 2021. InStream’s Document Conversion Scanning solutions is the 2021 solution, will transform your paper-clogged office into a streamlined and efficient modern workforce.

Our scanning solutions offer a wide array of benefits including:

Fewer Errors

Having paper documents in the office is always a liability. Your paper files are susceptible to loss, damage, and theft. There’s also nothing more frustrating than when you can’t locate an important file for a meeting or presentation.   InStream’s  Document Conversion Scanning will ensure that all of your files live in a secure, centralized digital location. The days of lost documents are over!

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Fewer Expenses

Paper documents require a lot of money to maintain. Aside from paper costs, you also have to consider the expenses of ink, toner, printers, file cabinets, and onsite storage. These costs all add up to become a significant expense burden. InStream’s Conversion Solutions will greatly reduce, or even eliminate all of these expenses, allowing you to redirect funds towards more important areas of your company.

Less Time Wasted

Equally frustrating is the amount of time it takes you and your team to manage, maintain, and process paper documents. In most offices, employees are burdened with having to sift through file cabinets to locate a single document. With Document Conversion, InStream will ensure that all of your digital documents will be instantly accessible. With instant access to documents, your team will be empowered to complete projects faster, slashing turnaround times.

The Paper Cut: This One Won't Hurt Document & Microfilm Conversion for the Remote Workforce

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More Productivity

Imagine that even without an office, your team still has all of the data and information needed to complete tasks with ease. With Document Conversion, InStream can make that a reality. Digital documents offer instant document access and retrieval to any authorized user. No more passing papers around, or waiting on documents to be routed or mailed. Increased access will foster teamwork and increased productivity. Going paperless in 2021 will help your organization with peace of mind and productivity.

The most important benefit? A long term ROI that your company will enjoy for years to come.


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