Optimize Your Document Process with Early Data Capture

While data capture and entry is helpful at any stage of a workflow, the best time to integrate a document is at the very earliest stage of the process. In order to take full advantage of all that data capture offers, the very first step of any workflow should be to digitize your important documents. With InStream, there are a variety of options that make early data capture absolutely effortless.

Beginning with how your business processes mail upon its arrival, InStream offers a Virtual Mailroom that receives, sorts, digitizes, and processes your mail so you don’t have to. Mailrooms that handle your paper documents present opportunities for lost or misplaced documents even before they can be processed. The Virtual Mailroom also eliminates the possibility of delayed mail routing and delivery; digitizing your documents means that they can be routed to anyone by email with just a few clicks.

InStream also offers the unique Mobile Capture feature, which allows employees to capture any document with either a smartphone or a tablet. This feature both eliminates the need to carry around paper documents, and also makes it incredibly easy to scan and share any document in any location with internet access. Mobile Capture is perfect for when a document is not received through the mailroom, or is time sensitive and needs to be scanned immediately.

By providing so many opportunities for automated data capture, InStream makes early data capture easy, giving your business the best chance to get started on data processing and utilization right away. All of these early capture features allow important documents to be integrated instantly, allowing AP processing and other workflows to begin without delay. Not only does early data capture allow you to get started, but it is also a more secure option than allowing documents to be passed around from a mailroom. It digitizes the documents and extracts the data from the very start, meaning that the time it spends as an open access paper document is minimal.

Extracting data at the earliest point in the process is the most efficient and secure way to begin document processing. With the Virtual Mailroom and Mobile Capture options, there’s no reason not to take full advantage of the efficiency and ease of early data capture.

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