Case Study: Borden Dairy

Borden Dairy Case Study


Borden Dairy (iSeries/AS-400 system user) was processing more than 2 million proofs of delivery forms, manually, each year. Truck drivers were dropping off these forms to their administrative staff to be scanned. After scanning, 14 full-time employees took the information, such as invoice number, delivery date, and customer number, among many other fields, and transferred them via manually typing from the scanned document to the (RVI) Real Vision Imaging document management repository. This was an extremely time-consuming process that was riddled with delays and manual entry errors. For example, truck drivers would bring in proof of delivery forms that were ripped, folded, or most commonly, covered in coffee. Even when scanned, information was missing or distorted, resulting in more hours of administrative work.


InStream recommended the implementation of PSIGEN PSIcapture software as a front-end image capture service. This software classifies the document type and then performs a full-text optical character recognition (OCR) on each document and automatically pulls out the necessary information based on classification and populates it into the document management system. The process was also made more concise by having truck drivers scan their own proof of delivery forms right into PSIcapture.


Borden’s proof of delivery input process is now completely digital. Information is instantaneously collected and accessible, eliminating manual entry entirely. This process eliminated the need for 9 new full-time information processors and is now saving an average of $300,000 annually on postage, ticket bags, hiring needs, and labor costs. The scanning now takes place in 79 branch locations. The elimination of manual entry also means there are fewer errors and the stored information is more accurate. 60 Canon scanners, also provided by InStream, scan the images from 53 locations and get information into the document management system within minutes. Also, the change from administration scanning forms to truck drivers scanning forms, almost completely eliminated the worn out, folded, and coffee-stained paper documents. The responsibility of scanning their own invoices changed how the drivers handled and processed their proof of delivery forms for the better.

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