Case Study: Sundt Construction



Skilled professionals tailor construction services to meet the unique needs of each individual project in each of Sundt’s five markets: building, concrete, federal, heavy civil, and mining & industrial. Each is composed of an experienced and committed team, ensuring quality results. During the course of a typical project in the construction industry, there are dozens of document types and many people involved, all working together from different locations. The smooth running of document management and an effective workflow starts with naming standardization, and Sundt needed to find an easy way to enforce the input of document types into a system. Manually processing paper proved to be too much labor, unorganized, unreliable, and time-consuming. Other issues included document accessibility, retrieval, compliance and security, and retaining the quality of the paper over time. Sundt needed an efficient system for employees to transfer documents to and from project sites, while addressing naming, security, and compliance concerns, and simultaneously assuring a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use solution for all personnel. Replacing the physical storage of bankers boxes with an easy to install and configure the electronic system, with a minimal learning curve and launch time was the goal. Additionally, “the digital records system must be capable of ‘tagging’ documents with meta-information which will assist with proper categorization and digital filing,” said Chris Lake, Vice President, Sundt Construction Inc., and must also be SharePoint compatible and able “to capture digital documents throughout the lifecycle of a job, and must be able to handle batch uploads upon project closeouts.”


Sundt chose PSIcapture over competitors for a number of reasons, namely functionality, and performance. When added to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, “PSIGEN’s integration included advanced functionality such as routing to dynamic locations multi-layers deep into the SharePoint environment,” said Lake, thoroughly enhancing organization. “PSIGEN products provided faster performance and higher throughput compared to other products in the market. Built-in index and OCR capabilities with conversion to PDF produced high-quality, searchable documents with manageable file sizes, and eliminated the need for extra products to do the image PDF conversions,” said Lake. Full-text OCR recognizes and automatically indexes each image by text acquired by the scanner, making documents easily searchable in SharePoint for quick retrieval. A final selling point was “PSIGEN’s support and response time during initial setup and configuration, as well as additional feature requests,” said Lake.


Combining PSIGEN’s scanning software with Microsoft SharePoint allowed Sundt to streamline their storage and document management, providing “Jobsite users with the ability to file digital records throughout the lifecycle of the project,” said Lake. The organization has increased and processing sped up, while also reducing document handling costs and the risk of losing or misplacing hard copy paper documents.

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