Case Study: Finkelstein and Partners


Finkelstein & Partners is the largest personal injury law firm in New York State. The firm has 17 offices, with over 80 attorneys and 300 employees throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


Finkelstein & Partners is a large law firm, representing clients across a wide range of practice areas including personal injury, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, products liability, veteran disability benefit and elder care. However, the firm was beginning to be overwhelmed, as they were flooded with nearly 6,000,000 legal documents. The firm was struggling to process and manage all their documents. The firm was so inundated with files and forms, that they were starting to have trouble providing courts, clients and attorneys with needed documents. One of the firm’s biggest challenges was providing the correct client files to lawyers and staff in a timely manner, due to their diverse operations and the sheer volume of case load. Document management is essential to the workflow of any law firm. However, for a large firm like Finkelstein & Partners, constant document organization is crucial in providing clients with best possible legal services. Finkelstein & Partner’s inefficient process of document filing and processing was severely hindering their practice and profitability. The firm needed a business process outsourcing solution that would streamline their documents, and would ensure efficient and secure document access.


InStream determined that a large law firm like Finkelstein & Partners would need a solution that would accommodate their high volume of paper documents. After reviewing the firm’s current systems and processes, InStream implemented a FileBound business process automation solution. FileBound solution automates the document capture and routing of incoming mail, in a fraction of the time it would take to and manually sort and distribute. The solution also allows Finkelstein to route documents via email or fax to any authorized recipient. Filebound is the perfect solution for a large firm like Finkelstein, in that it can be used to create a ZIP file to send large volumes of documents to a server. This solution allows for streamlined communication across the entire firm, revamping employee efficiency while ensuring consistency for clients.


Following implementation, Finkelstein & Partners began to immediately experience the benefits of document organization. While the firm initially struggled to route legal documents, attorneys and staff now have immediate, device-agnostic access to case files. This instant document access allows the firm to provide a superior level of service and responsiveness to its many clients. Frantic document searches are now a thing of the past, as the firm’s 80 attorneys and staff can now instantly find the case documents that they need. InStream’s solution has also benefited the firm’s clients, as clients can now access their files 24 hours a day through the firm’s website. Overall, InStream successfully transformed the firm’s processes and systems, creating value for both Finkelstein & Partners and their clients.

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