Case Study: Koike Aronson


Koike Aronson was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1918 and made their way over to the U.S. in 1970, when they opened an office in Texas. Koike has over 90 years of experience as a manufacturer of quality metal cutting, welding, and positioning equipment.

The Problem

Koike’s experience and high-quality machinery led to their success within the industry, but with so many invoices and receipts, it was a lot of work to keep everything organized. It was also time-consuming trying to get everything organized, not to mention, the frustration and anxiety if something did not add up correctly. In 2012, Koike started using an InStream software system, ApplicationXtender document manager, an instant document management solution that provides document imaging and management as well as integrates with existing software immediately. The software scans retrieve and store information. AX also comes with information security; rights expiration, guest access and watermarking. It also provides protection even after leaving the organizational firewall.

The Solution

Their AP process consists of three document types: Purchase Orders, Receivers, and Invoices. All the data is processed daily and goes into the same Document Management System where the data is indexed based on extracted values. The Document Management System automates the whole process and matches all of the information together. If something does not match, that entry is flagged and sends a request to be reviewed.

The Results

With this new automated system, InStream has eliminated any manual entry for Koike, so they don’t have to enter information, pick up any documents or worry about anything being lost in the mail. If there are any issues, the system will flag that entry and it can be reviewed and solved.

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