Case Study: Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is an American casual dining restaurant chain with over 900 locations around the world. The company states in their mission statement that they are “fully committed to preparing and serving food of uncompromising freshness and quality.”


Ruby Tuesday’s mail system was proving to be inefficient and time-consuming. With over 900 locations across the globe, the company was having each location mail paperwork to company headquarters, meaning that over 1,500 daily invoices needed to be processed. With so many invoices and a weekly deluge of over 800 packages, the company was spending thousands of dollars on labor and postage. Like many companies struggling with mail processes, Ruby Tuesday found their mail constantly piling up. Things were in such disarray, that each week’s mail often carried over into the following week. This disorganization hindered company communication, and lead to errors that cost the company money with each passing day. Ruby Tuesday needed a cost-effective BPO solution that would streamline their mail processes so that their mail could be instantly retrievable and accessible.


To provide Ruby Tuesday with greater control over their mail, InStream determined that the best plan was to build a customized remote capture solution for mail services. With remote capture solutions, InStream converts mail documents into electronic images, then routes them via electronic workflows to all designated recipients. The electronic workflows are a critical tool, used to monitor mail turnaround times, backlogs, and user productivity. This also allows mail to be instantly accessible and retrievable by all authorized Ruby Tuesday employees. The system also features security implementation, to ensure that important company mail doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. This digital electronic routing vastly improves Ruby Tuesday’s turnaround times, so that mail can be delivered more rapidly. Once the company’s mail is processed, it is stored in a secure electronic document management (ECM system) so it can be retrieved for subsequent use, or sent to others when needed.


After successful implementation, InStream drastically reduced the amount of money that Ruby Tuesday spends on shipping. Now that mail can be digitally routed, the company saves thousands of dollars each year in both labor and postage. Ruby Tuesday employees no longer have to wait several days for mail to be delivered, and the threat of lost mail has been completely eliminated. This mean that work can be completed faster and more efficiently. The benefits of the new mail system were experienced across the entire organization, as InStream accelerated crucial accounting processes, while significantly improving employee productivity. In working with Ruby Tuesday, InStream was able to revamp the productivity and efficiency of a large international company

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