How Can Business Process Outsourcing Help Your Office?

Business process outsourcing is becoming one of the most popular office solutions of our current digital era. Business process outsourcing (or BPO) allows firms to outsource their business processes to professionals. InStream is an industry leader in document management, helping businesses achieve their efficiency and productivity goals, while providing them with long-term cost savings. InStream is an industry leader, providing companies with custom business process outsourcing solutions. Here’s what outsourcing to InStream can do for your office departments:

Human Resources

The Human Resources department is the cornerstone of any office. Human Resources is also the paper capital of any office, with countless employee forms and documents that need organization and easy accessibility. InStream will digitally convert all your HR documents. This means that HR employees will be able to instantly access and retrieve documents. Additionally, employees will also be able to send and forward documents to any authorized individual. Such efficiency will transform and streamline any company. Workflow will no longer suffer, speeding up your HR processes.

Accounts Payable

BPO solutions will revamp your AP department. With InStream, your AP department can customize a document management solution that works best for your department and workflow. Instream will revamp efficiencies associated with procurement processing, payment capture, expense reporting, purchase card (p-card) processing and any other areas across the accounting department. When InStream revamps your Accounts Payable department, you can instantly correct any disputes or conflicts. This will make it much easier to achieve compliance. AP documents including invoices, credit memos, delivery tickets and vendor/customer checks are in a digital format and instantly accessible. Turnover rates will improve, enhancing your results


Another key department that will benefit from BPO services is the Sales department. It is very hard to manage sales when your department has important client documents all over the place. With InStream, your sales department will be able to instantly send documents to all clients and potential clients. Also, with digitized documents your clients will be able to instantly accesses their quotes and contracts. Your team will have complete control and access to all contracts, invoices and sales agreements. InStream will provide your department with an efficient solution. Your department can then redirect focus back to sales and not paperwork. Outsourced business processes will leave a positive impact on various parts of your office.