Scan to Zero: The Magic of Document Scanning and Conversion

InStream has years of experience helping companies get rid of paper documents once and for all. Paper documents are costly to maintain and time-consuming to process. While certainly a hassle, many company documents continue to exist in paper format, resulting in slow turnaround times and hassles for employees. InStream will streamline workflow and productivity by scanning your paper documents into digital eForms. This transformative solution will eliminate paper over time, and save your company from expensive storage costs.

The Paper Cut: This One Won't Hurt Document & Microfilm Conversion for the Remote Workforce

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The Time is Now

90% of business information still exists on paper. In the US alone, there are 4 trillion paper documents. These paper documents take up valuable office space, hinder employee productivity, and are a risk to information security. Making the switch from paper to digital with InStream is quick, easy, effective, and affordable.

Results You Will See

With InStream’s scanning solutions, your company will see immediate results. InStream will start scanning your paper documents into digital eForms. InStream’s team of experts will carefully scan each document with our state-of-the-art scanning technology. Following the scanning process, all company digital records will be at your fingertips. Management and retrieval of records will be fast and easy. Employees will no longer waste hours within the week searching for documents in bulky filing cabinets. With document scanning, you will save time and money by improving office efficiency, ultimately providing a great return on investment.

An Introduction to Microfilm Conversion. Step Into The Digital World.

How Scanning Works

InStream will work directly with your team to build a custom scanning solution that is based on your current business efficiency needs. InStream will scan your company documents until your number of paper files is ZERO. Your company files will then exist in a digital format, meaning the days of lost and misfiled documents are over. 



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