The Search Function: The Most Underestimated Feature

If you’ve reached this webpage, it’s almost certain you’re very familiar with the search function. We use it every day on Google, Yahoo, email, and the list goes on. It’s a simple function; enter in the desired keywords, and access information instantly.

While this technology has vastly improved the ability to find information, many businesses are still behind the curve; using resources that are becoming quickly outdated. One of the most powerful tools a business can use has been right under our noses all along. Some of these features and benefits may be obvious, while others may come as a pleasant surprise.

Rows of filing cabinets and shelves full of binders are still commonplace in most offices today. For law offices and healthcare providers, filing systems can extend to fill basements, storage units, even warehouses. While a brigade of interns and a few days, or weeks may be capable of finding desired files or paperwork, there’s a much easier way. Digital archiving and document management can turn these long scavenger hunts into instant access. Lost and misfiled documents are no longer a concern. Whether the file you need is from ten days or ten years ago, the ability to find it is at your fingertips.

Similarly, going digital with your paperwork is the best way to organize. Not only organize information and data, but organize workflow, organize teams working on projects, and even organize desk clutter. Space can be a valuable commodity in any office.
When working on a team project, finding information and staying on the same page as the rest of the group is often a bottleneck to reaching a goal.  Streamlining information and workflow is simple when data is easy to find and accessible. In this sense, it’s easy to see how applying the search function to a business promotes teamwork, creativity, and productivity. Regardless of sick days, mismatched schedules, and business trips, the search function keeps information readily available.

When it comes to improving productivity, staying on task, and even freeing up some space in the office, the search function is a powerful ally. The same ease of finding current events and pasta recipes can be applied to any workplace. Digital archiving, document management systems and cloud based computing can and will change a business for the better.    

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