Why SharePoint Integration is So Important

SharePoint is a powerful office collaboration tool, but it lacks an efficient solution for data capture. Your organization needs an easy-to-use, flexible onramp to capture your many paper documents into your centralized SharePoint document libraries. PSIcapture is an advanced data capture solution that migrates your documents directly into your SharePoint libraries. Below are a few reasons why SharePoint integration is important for document management.


It’s Easy

Data capture can be difficult, when you aren’t equipped with the appropriate technology.

With PSIcapture SharePoint Integration, your paper documents can be automatically scanned and imported directly into your SharePoint library. PSIcapture bridges the difficult gap between document scanning and SharePoint.


It’s All-Encompassing

When importing documents, the Extended File Format (EFF) feature will allow you to capture any document format. The range of document capabilities include physical paper files, Microsoft Word documents, or image files.


It’s Efficient

Imagine a world where all your company documents are stored in a single, central, digital library? PSIcapture will make this dream a reality, by streamlining the scanning process saving your company time and money. Once implemented, all SharePoint documents will be instantly accessed, retrieved and routed. You will be amazed at what you team can accomplish, when you no longer spend time scrambling to find documents. This streamlined efficiency will transform workflow, while revamping overall productivity


It Maintains Organization

Is your office buried under a mountain of paper documents? Are your digital documents all over the place? PSIcapture’s SharePoint Integration features comprehensive indexing, so your documents can be instantly found and accessed.


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