TRAV: The Easy Travel Request Solution

Universities and colleges across the United States typically have to deal with a large amount of travel documents. Whenever a sports team or professor goes out of town for college-related travel, there are countless requests and reimbursement forms that must be processed. All of these forms can lead to headaches and confusion, causing workflow to be impeded. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a solution that would streamline the process? The solution is called TRAV.

TRAV is InStream’s workflow management solution. This custom tool was developed for SUNY schools to organize and automate  travel requests as well as reimbursements. It can help colleges and universities  save time, money and avoid the headaches that come along with misfiled or lost per diem and travel requests. Some of InStream’s TRAV clients include SUNY Buffalo, Fredonia, Potsdam, and Alfred State.

Here’s how TRAV can transform your travel request processes:


Digital Forms

You will no longer  have to trek across campus to deliver or pick up a form. With TRAV, forms and requests are digitally sent to any authorized recipient. Therefore, forms are completed much easier and faster than with a manual paper process.


Control over Administrative Processes

TRAV allows you to implement multiple levels of approval, so  you will always be in control of your requests. This control will improve system accuracy, while decreasing or completely eliminating errors. Accuracy is crucial when processing reimbursements, and TRAV will ensure overall efficiency.


Workflow Automation

TRAV digitally organizes and automates the processes surrounding travel planning, per diems and reimbursements. TRAV also lets employees track the progress of an individual request, or hundreds of requests easily through a  keyword search.


Save Time and Money

You will be amazed at how much time you will save when you no longer have to manually process paper requests. In addition, you will also be saving time with TRAV’s automated system.

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